1. PolishMagnet

    AHC/PC: Women equal in Athenian democracy

    Could democratic city states in ancient Greece (pre-philip of Macedon) have plausibly accepted women as citizens who could participate and vote? Just curious as to how/why it might happen. It doesn't have to be Athens, it could be any of the Greek city states of the time.
  2. AHC - Reverse the idea that female muscle is unfeminine and unattractive

    Muscles and signs of physical strength is often considered as unfeminine and unattractive by western culture and society for a long time now. What changes after 1900 could flip this dynamic and make muscles and female strength be considered the height of femininity and attractiveness in popular...
  3. AHC: Get a Female Dictator into Power

    Okay, so your challenge here is incredibly simple yet pretty difficult: give a woman dictatorial power over a country. Absolute monarchs don't count. Bonus points if they have the necessary disposition and retain power for long enough to do some incredibly fucked up shit.
  4. Teriyaki

    Constantine and Bishop Galasius Endorse a More Inclusive Form of Christianity - 496 AD

    So this past weekend I watched a very interesting documentary entitled "The Female Disciples of Jesus." It featured historians Joan Taylor and Helen Bond as they went through Israel looking for clues as to the female disciples of Jesus. I highly recommend you watch it if you are interested in...
  5. Women in Ostrogothic society?

    As I understand it, the Visigothic Code gave women the right to inherit land, arrange their own marriages, and represent themselves in the court of law. Did the Ostrogotgs have anything similar? Could the Ostrogoths have developed something similar if they had survived in Italy or was the...
  6. Apocalypse of Peter as canon: perceptions of female sexuality

    So I was doing some reading on apocryphal early christian texts, and it made reflect on the possible doctrinal implications that some of these making it into the Biblical canon could have had in the Christian world's perception of the sinfulness of certain acts, and by extension, that of some...
  7. AHC: Female Führer, or How Feminism turned Extreme

    The challenge here is to make more extreme yet widespread feminism movement so that by 20th century, there is a possibility of a female extremist leader who is bend on continental or even global domination by starting a world war. Bonus point if the war is based on national vengeance due to...
  8. Eivind

    Women in ancient and medieval warfare?

    We have all heard about Boudica, but how common was female warriors in the ancient and medieval period?