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  1. The Found Prime Minister: An Australian Politics wikibox tl
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Introduction

    The Found Prime Minister An Australian Politics wikibox tl by gaitskellitebevanite Chapter 1 When Harold Holt succeeded Robert Menzies as Liberal Party leader and Prime Minister the situation had been remarkably different. Menzies had led the Liberal-Country Coalition to seven successive...
  2. MasterSanders

    A Perfect Democracy: The World That Huey Made
    Threadmarks: Huey Long: Intro

    A Perfect Democracy - - or The World That Huey Made - A perfect democracy can come close to looking like a dictatorship, a democracy in which the people are so satisfied they have no complaint. - Huey Long Huey Pierce Long, Jr. (August 30, 1893 - March 15, 1960), known also by the...
  3. In Your Heart, You Know He's Right: Goldwater's America and Beyond

    IN YOUR HEART, YOU KNOW HE'S RIGHT In Your Guts, You Know He's Nuts. Senator Barry Goldwater, 1964 PROLOGUE Huh, Barry Goldwater 1964. Wait, what? Barry Goldwater? That's not possible. Well, seems like it is, or will be. I don't know how I'm going to do it yet, but I'm going to figure...
  4. Biden '88: Goodnight Tehran
    Threadmarks: Prologue: The Fall of Iraq (1987)

    Kiss me goodbye and write me while I'm gone, Goodbye my Sweetheart, Hello Tehran. INTRODUCTION Hello! This is my first post here - and it's also going to be my first try at an alternate history scenario. I thought this up while reading about Joe Biden himself and got curious that he ran in...
  5. Kerguelen

    A Bleeding Heart of Steel: Stalin Dies Early
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    "I know that after my death, they will heap a pile of rubbish on my grave, but the wind of history will sooner or later sweep it away without mercy." -Joseph Stalin (OTL) "On one cloudy day on May 1942, a Red Army officer known as Polikov Shilo deserted to Nazi Germany. While the Germans had...
  6. wolfhound817

    Different Paths: A Wikibox Timeline

    Welcome to Different Paths A Wikibox Timeline in which historical figures (mostly Americans) lives take different paths, whether that be a major career change, politics change, or just moving states, regardless these changes will have a large impact on the history and future of America
  7. Roberto El Rey

    Al Grito de Guerra: the Second Mexican Revolution

    Well, well, well. Would ya look who it is. Oh, God, not you again. I could say the same to you, Mister Started-a-timeline-and-then-ended-it-within-twenty-four-hours! What country are you the "Rey" of? Quittersland? Well, you know what? I'm not a quitter, because I'm bringing it back right...
  8. Roberto El Rey

    Al Grito de Guerra: The Second Mexican Revolution
    Threadmarks: One

    July 2, 1988 Mexico City A great city is never silent. Of course, no city is ever silent in the literal sense. No matter the hour, engines groan in Xianjiang, dogs bark in Kananga and pistons pound in Magnitogorsk. But beneath the cursory activities of their inhabitants, those cities are...
  9. Kennedy: One Family, One Nation
    Threadmarks: November 22, 1963

    November 22, 1963 John Kennedy was not feeling well, a strong flu had abated the president since last week. At this point, shortly after 12:30 PM, Kennedy was still in the Oval Office, but hunger made him decide to stop work at that time. Opening the door quickly and unannounced, Bobby...
  10. Hubert Humphrey Fan 1968

    Portillo's Moment
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    What's this? It's my latest timeline, and if everything goes to plan, it will be the first one I actually finish. What is this centered around? Well, like all my other TLs, it is centered around politics. The politics of where? This will focus mainly on the UK and Canada, although I do have...
  11. A American Dream A Wikibox TL and a Two term Gearld Ford POTUS
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    A 2 Term Gearld Ford POTUS
  12. The Permanent Revolt A Wikibox TL
    Threadmarks: Start

    When Will The TL last Until I get board of it This is with oppo I will make the story he'll make the Wikiboxes Let's Start Ok
  13. Nightingale

    Love Train: The Onward March of Freedom Oneshots

    "People all over the world Join hands Start a love train, love train..." "The people deserve the best future..." -Ramon Magsaysay, 6th President of the Philippines, 1960 "'Solidarity' means sharing joy with the world whilst not forgetting our uniqueness..." -Claro M. Recto, late Philippine...
  14. Gentleman Biaggi

    Twists and Turns: An Alternate 1952 and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Update 1: 1952 Election

    “McCarthyism, Nukes, and integration, that’s what’s at stake.” *Audible sigh* “At least it’s better than 1932” “You say that every year” -Conversation between Earl Warren andMargaret Chase Smith November 3, 1952 General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s announcement that he wasn’t going to run for...
  15. "I Feel as Strong as a Bull Moose!": The Square Deal Continued
    Threadmarks: 1912 Republican Primary's

    Back in January i started a timeline on here about this. I gave up on it a couple of days later but restarted it in September of the Atlas. Last time it was in the wrong section since its not a finished timeline so i decided to duplicate what i have here with what i have so far on the Atlas...
  16. ElectricSheepNo54

    The Union Reborn - The story of a new Soviet Union

    And what might this be? It's a wikibox timeline. No, originality has never been your strong point, has it? That's not nice. I once made a wikibox where President Carter rescued the Iranian hostages. What ever you say. What is this about anyway? Do you know that coup in the Soviet Union in...
  17. Gentleman Biaggi

    9,246 votes| A timeline with a lot of wikiboxes

    In the 1976 election incumbent Gerald Ford barley squeaked away with a victory. He only won Ohio and Hawaii by 9,246 votes combined. The Ford campaign celebrated their close victory and prepared for the next four years.
  18. Major Crimson

    A Thousand Shades of Red - A Wikibox Compendium

    A Thousand Shades of Red By Major Crimson, A Wikibox Compendium from the Shades of Red world Prologue Arise, Ye Prisoners of Starvation ----------------- Connection-Secure Welcome to EB Connect, hosted by ComWEB, please enter login: OpName: AEJ/Magd/OX/CBR Passcode: #######...
  19. The Just Fear? - A Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: 1951 Referendum (Australia)

    THE JUST FEAR? A Wikibox Timeline By Morraw In the study of Australian politics, 1951 has often been cited as a watershed year much akin to 1901, 1916, 1931, and 1945. Taking place against the backdrop of the Korean War and the height of the Red Scare, Australia was over the course of the...
  20. Gore in 2000: A Wikibox TL

    This is my first thread. If you've got questions, comments, or concerns, shoot! Vice-President Al Gore was the front runner for the Democratic primaries of 2000, and he unsurprisingly won every single contest. The Republican primaries also were over fairly quickly. Following a landslide McCain...