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  1. The Century of the Common Men - A Henry Wallace and USSR wank poll TL
    Threadmarks: Convention time, 1

    Convention time, 1944 Despite the DNC's best efforts and slander, FDR insisted. Wallace was not only a trusted politician, but a personal friend of Roosevelt and his family, and he would not fire a friend of his from the ticket. As FDR's health waned Wallace would stay by his side. The...
  2. Atlas of Independence

    Land of Liberty? | A Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: 1. | Winfield Scott's Triumph

    Land of Liberty? | A Wikibox Timeline The Democratic-Republicans (and later Democrats) had long held dominance over American politics, dating as far back to the 1800 election, where Thomas Jefferson led the Republicans to victory, triumphing over John Adams' Federalists. This set in motion an...
  3. Luxembourgish Jane

    I Love Democracy: A Fictional World
    Threadmarks: Introdution

    A new project from the depths of my tired brain. Originally a one off map based on an idea soon turned into it's own project I've shared on discord and both Wikibox, Map, and personal threads, after thinking about it I think making it's own thread just creates less clutter for both...
  4. Sphinx

    Cries of the Fallen: 1912
    Threadmarks: CoTF: Chapter One

    Hello everyone! The following is what can be described as a 'recount' of a historical role-play game which I ran some months ago, with some adjustments. Therefore, this work is in no way an absolutely serious work of historical scrutiny, but a fun alternate timeline of the 1910s, beginning in...
  5. Jonathan

    Fate and death, gives with one hand but takes away with the other!

    What are you doing? Well, hello to you too. I am starting a timeline that I will try and work on as much as possible. Why are you doing it? I tried making it into a simple Family Tree on List of Alternative Monarchs and Aristocratic Linerages, but it was becoming over grown and the footnotes...
  6. Sarthak

    Rooftop of the World: A South Asian Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction This (sideproject) Timeline will be focusing on the South Asian and Asian countries in the Cold War and Beyond starting from 1951 and beyond starting with a PoD from the 1951 Nepalese Revolution. The Timeline will heavily focus on the Indian Subcontinent and its member countries...
  7. Sarthak

    Through the Course of Time - A Graphic Timeline
    Threadmarks: 1: Map of World.

    The Map of the World in 2020.
  8. Cobain Continues Redux Wiki-Assistance Needed

    (I've copied and pasted the thread here both to ensure it is seen, and also because I wonder if it might be more appropriate to paste here, especially regarding the need to create artwork, logos, photos and alternate infoboxes) For those who have been following Cobain Continues Redux and where...