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  1. WI: Henry VII Was Never Born

    Okay, so this was a late-at-night consideration of mine but I haven’t been able to get it out of my head, and I haven’t been able to find any posts discussing this. So, say Margaret’s mother is awarded custody of her rather than her eventually being passed onto the Tudors, so she never married...
  2. WI: Stephen Douglas survives?

    What if Stephen A. Douglas hadn't died in 1861?
  3. WI: Saladin killed by the Order of Assassins

    IOTL, Saladin survived two attempts on his life by the Order of Assassins. What if one of them had succeeded?
  4. WI: Stephen Douglas joins Pierce cabinet

    After Franklin Pierce was elected president in 1852, Stephen Douglas expected to get a cabinet post. But of course, he didn't. What if he had, though? What position might he have held, and what consequences might him joining the Pierce cabinet have had?
  5. Challenge/What If: Christianity Revival/Comeback In The Middle East and North Africa During The Modern Era

    Is it realistically possible for Christianity to become more mainstream and more common in North Africa and the Middle East again by the time of the modern era? What would have to happen for it to occur? Can a native Middle Eastern government pull it off on its own? Does this require European...
  6. WI: Stalin and Hitler didn't have abusive fathers

    Despite being bitter enemies, Hitler and Stalin had a good deal in common. One of these was having abusive fathers, which many historians believe contributed to them being such resoundingly terrible people as adults. But what if they weren't abused by their respective dads? Might it have...
  7. WI: Soviet Union prepares for Operation Barbarossa

    What if Stalin actually listened to his advisors and took reports of the Germans preparing for invasion seriously and green lighted preparations for defense?
  8. AHC/WI: Modern Arab Country Controls The Persian Gulf

    Is it possible for a modern Arab country post-1800 to be able to take control of the entire Persian Gulf? This would include all the areas bordering it which would definitely include Persia/Iran. Is it possible for that region to be Arabized and to be permanently held? Would it require a...
  9. WI: Russia and Austria Support Muhammad Ali’s Egypt

    During the Oriental Crisis, Russia and Austria took sides against Muhammad Ali’s Egypt as it expanded into territories held by the Ottoman Empire. Even though Russia and Austria weren’t on good terms with the Ottomans, they weren’t fans of a rising Egypt. However, what if Muhammad Ali decided...
  10. Yama951

    WI: Srivijaya repels or defeats the Chola Invasion

    Srivijaya was one of the major empires in South East Asia centered in Palembang, Sumatra. In its height, it was the center of Buddhism, particularly Mahayana, and developed Vajrayana before it spread to Tibet. It held great influence in Maritime South East Asia up to reaching the Philippine...
  11. WI: The Holy League prevents the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus?

    Though the Battle of Lepanto was a significant defeat for the Ottoman Empire, it was a much less severe blow to them than losing Cyprus was to the Republic of Venice. Ottoman Grand Vizier Mehmed Sokullu boasted to Venetian emissary Marcantonio Barbaro that it was the difference between a shaved...
  12. WI: Archimedes captured alive

    After Hannibal's victory at the Battle of Cannae, the Sicilian city of Syracuse allied with Carthage. In response, the Romans sent an army led by Marcus Claudius Marcellus to besiege the city in 213 BCE. Among Sicily's defenders was the great inventor and polymath Archimedes. Marcellus gave...
  13. WI: Darwin reads Mendel

    When the contents of Charles Darwin's library were examined after his death, one of its books was found to contain a copy of Gregor Mendel's ground-breaking manuscript on genetic inheritance. Those particular pages were still uncut, indicating Darwin never got around to reading it. Funnily...
  14. WI: Grant doesn't issue General Order No. 11

    What if Ulysses S. Grant had never issued General Order No. 11?
  15. WI: Chu unites China

    What if it had been Chu, rather than Qin, that united China?
  16. WI: China never expands out of Zhou territory

    What if the political and cultural entity known as China was never able to take more territory than that held by the Zhou dynasty?
  17. WI: Odaenathus survives

    What if Odaenathus hadn't been assassinated in 267 CE?
  18. WI: Rome fails to survive the Crisis of the Third Century?

    What if the Roman Empire had collapsed during the Crisis of the Third Century?
  19. WI: The British cut off the Charlestown Neck

    While the British won the Battle of Bunker Hill, it was very much a Pyrrhic victory for them. But it didn't necessarily have to be that way. In the lead-up to the battle, Henry Clinton pushed for securing the Charlestown Neck to cut off the colonists' retreat. However, he was outvoted by his...
  20. WI: The Ottomans take Malta

    What if the Great Siege of Malta had ended in an Ottoman victory? What repercussions might their triumph have had?