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  1. Mixed Nutz: The Timeline Where MGM and Warner Bros. Are the Main Rivals of the American Animation Industry
    Threadmarks: Introduction: The Birth of Two (Technically Three) Stars

    The year is 1940. The field of animation was in the midst of a revolutionary period in America, with the nation's two biggest names in animation at the time having moved up from merely producing short subjects to making fully animated feature films late into the previous decade: Walt Disney...
  2. More Than A Feeling

    Smarter Than The Average Studio: An Alternate History of Hanna-Barbera

    The day is May 15, 1957. MGM have decided to shutter their animation studio. The creators of their massively popular Tom & Jerry series, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, are left unemployed. They decided to form their own studio, aptly named Hanna-Barbera. They originally asked MGM to...