1. France Fights On (English Translation) - Thread III - The lost files

    Hello there, In Line of Wing's work on FFO (may he be praised), which cannot of course pretend to translate everything, I have thought it would be interesting to add a few addentum, annexs and personnals files of all the authors. The thread will be alimented ... when I got time. Still, I hope...
  2. Wings

    France Fights On (English Translation) - Thread II - To the continent!

    Link to thread I
  3. Wings

    Fantasque Time Line (France Fights On) - English Translation
    Threadmarks: 001 - Death of a countess

    Preamble All of you may know the Fantasque Time Line, which we commonly know as France Fights On. You can find it here. However, there has to my knowledge been no english translation of this work. I've contacted @Loïc M. , one of the authors of the FTL, to be able to translate this work so that...
  4. Sarthak

    Boluōmitya Dēshe: A Medieval Timeline Set in Asia.
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Boluōmitya Dēshe: A Medieval Timeline. *** Chapter 1: The Marriage of a lifetime. 621 AD, Chang’an, Tang Dynasty China. Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty, born Li Yuan, and called by many as Shude wasn’t a man for patience. He had been opportunistic when he had toppled the Sui Dynasty, and...
  5. AH Expedition to Europe

    From what I have seen, Europe was always richer than the rest of the world since Ancient Greece, as can be seen in the relatively high GDP per capita*, realistic art, architecture, philosophy and weaponry, among other great achievements, of the Roman Empire. Despite this, some users who I have...
  6. BladeRunner2047

    The affects of helicopters in World War II

    What if the development of helicopters was faster and helicopters were introduced in WWII? How would this have affected warfare? How would it affect the geopolitics of the day?
  7. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Alternate War Fronts

    Simply put, a series of alternate war theaters and battle that differ from OTL. Any war will do, but the WW@ ones especially capture my interest.
  8. Whiteshore

    How would civilization develop without horses?

    Let's assume that all the horses were eaten before anyone could come up with the idea of domesticating them like what happened in the Americas (donkeys and zebras are still around). How does civilization develop without the horse? What would society look like without horses? What would warfare...
  9. Creating a Revolt: Genius of the Early Zanj Revolt

    This post will be dedicated to giving a rough and short analysis of the Zanj Revolt's foundation as stipulated by its leaders and why this was a rebellion unlike the typical. Further, this is a topic that gives opposition to the position that history occurs due to massive factors or the march of...
  10. GauchoBadger

    An earlier discovery of ski warfare?

    Someone mentioned skiing for military purposes in one recent thread, so... IOTL, the first recorded usage of ski boards for military purposes is from 13th century Scandinavia. Some also state that, during the Gothic War of the 6th century, a few of the Germanic tribes who invaded Italy used skis...
  11. Incanian

    FOOD FIGHT (Coconut Grenades/Bombs in warfare)

    Now I want you to imagine the coolest weapon ever. Got it? Okay well, it's not the coolest weapon ever, It's actually a coconut bomb. I was just watching videos, but then I found a video about how to open a coconut without any tools. Which is here Then I kept watching other videos about tools...
  12. Hawkeye

    AHC: Byzantium's Sea Emperors

    The Byzantine navy never seemed to have held prestige in Byzantine society compared to the army and such. It also nearly disappeared entirely under the Komnenos which left it at the mercy of italian city states. So the challenge is with a PoD from 990 through 1050, find a way to make the...
  13. Is it even possible to successfully invade the United States?

    I was wondering for a while but is an invasion of the United States even possible? People have often written of scenarios and stories of what would happen if the United States was invaded by a foreign power, but I would imagine that the Invasion of the United States would actually be very...
  14. Count of Crisco

    M4 Sherman. Right tank for the wrong war?

    I have heard it both ways. But really how good was the Sherman tank?
  15. Sersor

    WI: the invention of paired stirrups in 250 BC(Hellenistic world). Effects in Military?

    Prologue: It seems like such a simple idea. Why not add two pieces to the saddle, hanging down on either side, for your feet to rest in while you ride a horse? After all, humans seem to have domesticated the horse around 4500 BCE. The saddle was invented at least as early as 800 BCE, yet the...
  16. The March of Time - 20th Century History
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Boxer War

    The March of Time - 20th Century History With a PoD in Boxer Rebellion, this TL focuses on the major geopolitical events of the 20th century. The rise of the Boxer movement By the beginning of the century, tensions within the Chinese society were reaching a boiling point. After a century of...