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  1. Ninja2006

    AHC: Make Walt Disney Live

    Do you think Walt Disney could live longer in a TL started no earlier than 1953-55?
  2. redben12

    Restarted With A Mouse: A Pop Culture Timeline
    Threadmarks: Before The Mouse

    Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5th, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. A lot of Walt's childhood was spent moving around from farms in Missouri to the streets of Chicago. At just 16 years old, Walt deployed to France to serve as a ambulance driver for World War I. "I actually developed a bit...
  3. TheDoofusUser

    What would a 1953-1961 Disney administration actually look like?

    As I'm sure you all know, A World of Laughter, A World of Tears painted a Walt Disney Presidency in its worst case scenario. Here, I'd like to stay away from the hyperbole and the potential worst case scenario of a two term Disney with some things added for extra flavoring on this question...
  4. TheKennedyMachine.

    The Mouse Who Sold The World (Walt Disney Lives)
    Threadmarks: Introduction; The Greatest Showman

    The Mouse Who Sold The World The Incredible Story of Walt Disney, America's Showman __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part I: America's...
  5. CrashBandicam

    AHC: Have Disney and Warner Bros. Merge Together

    So, your challenge here is to have Disney (the House of Mouse) and Warner Bros. (the House of Wabbit) merge together at a plausible date to form one big mass media and entertainment conglomerate.
  6. When Walt Met Nixon: An Electoral History
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Elections of 1950-1952, Or The First Steps

    (Author's Note: So! Hello there! If you've clicked on this via the title, you are probably wondering what this is all about. So I am currently working on a timeline detailing an alternative history of animation, starting all the way back in 1940. It's called Ferguson's Book, which is explained...
  7. George-Alexander

    What Things went wrong for Walt Disney and his company?

    So I cant stop planning for future stories even if one is currently been written but my new idea needs some help. As we know Walt Disney and his company grew to be one of largest entertainment companies in the world. Today we all know Disney in one way or another. Its not always been a success...
  8. Mr_ Bondoc

    A Magic Kingdom to the East

    In China, there is an actual knockoff Disneyland that was popular throughout the 1986 and which lasted into c. 2005, when it was shutdown due to lawsuits regarding blantant intellectual property theft. See...
  9. AltoRegnant

    WI: Walt Didn't Quit On Universal and Oswald?

    As i'm sure most of us know by now, Mickey Mouse was not the original small, loseley animal based ink blot Walter Disney made into a star. That honor went to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. After a few years of successful shorts published by Universal, Walt didn't like the offer they gave for the...
  10. DBWI Disney Doesn't Buy Daiei

    Its been seventeen years since the Walt Disney Company announced they have bought the Japanese film company Daiei Film for $990 million, to some outrage in Japan from nationalists but pretty much next to no fanfare in America. It wouldn't be until fourteen years later with their reboot of Gamera...
  11. GameBawesome

    Alternate locations for Walt Disney’s EPCOT City?

    What if, for some strange reason, Disney doesn’t decide to build EPCOT in Orlando, Florida? If they don’t build it in Orlando, where could they build the City of Tomorrow? What alternate location could they build EPCOT in? (Also, Walt Disney doesn’t get Cancer in ITL)
  12. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Disney Lives On: Walt Survives Smoking

    Welcome to Disney Lives! This is a timeline created by myself, any contributions you wish to add can be requested in the inbox. - "I was just expecting a simple train ride to a place that Walt would enjoy. As I would too. If he hadn't met that engineer, I wonder if he would still be around for...
  13. Bomster

    AHC: Make Walt Disney’s vision of EPCOT a reality

    Epcot was not intended to be the second theme park of the Walt Disney World Resort. Walt Disney intended it to be a City of Tomorrow where innovations would be highlighted and showcased in a functional, conceptual city. Sadly Walt died in ‘66, dooming his dream, but say that his vision of Epcot...