1. AH Challenge: President John Randolph

    With a POD after the Louisiana Purchase, make John Randolph of Roanoke President of the United States
  2. DBWI: Virginia Secedes

    During the American Civil War, there was a lot of suspense over whether the remaining slave states would stay in the Union or join the seceding states. Virginia was no exception. Things were touch-and-go for a while, but as we all know, Virginia ended up staying in the Union. What if Virginia...
  3. What if the Readjusters stayed in power in Virginia?

    The Readjusters were a center-left populist political party that emerged after the Reconstruction in Virginia, consisting of a coalition of democrats and republicans who represented poor, lower-class whites and freed slaves. They were astonishingly progressive considering the time and place...
  4. FalconHonour

    What if the Confederates had held Alexandria?

    A holiday-inspired pondering this time... In 1861, after the Secession of Virginia, Unionist troops occupied Alexandria and maintained control of it until the end of the US civil war. But what if Virginia had thought to strengthen Alexandria's defences before it seceded? What if the Union hadn't...
  5. Bishops, Oaths and Kings: a Different Nonjuror Schism.
    Threadmarks: Introduction to the Premise, and some notes on divergences.

    Introduction: The nonjurors were clergy who, after the Glorious Revolution, refused to take the oath of Allegiance to William and Mary. Several Bishops, among them William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and William Lloyd, Bishop of Norwich, believed...
  6. Odinson

    Independent Virginia

    So, I've been thinking about this for a while and wondering, how/why would Virginia declare independence from the Confederate States of America? The idea is that Virginia leaves the CSA shortly after an 1864 peace agreement that ends the civil war. Is it possible?
  7. Calcaterra

    WI: Disney's America Is Built In Virginia

    What if Disney's America was built as planned in Virginia? How could this be accomplished? What would the consequences be? Would it succeed?
  8. WI: Independent republic and U.S. state in Shenandoah Valley?

    Could the Shenandoah Valley have become a separate U.S. state from the rest of Virginia? Perhaps at the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the settlers of the Shenandoah Valley could proclaim their independence as a separate government, similar to the Vermont Republic. The narrow entrances to...
  9. Consequences of a quick US civil war.

    Say Virginia didn’t secede, resulting in the second wa e of successions not happening. And also the confederacy get really unlucky in the first few battles resulting in the war only lasting a year or two. What long term consequences does this have?
  10. JonasResende

    WI: French East Coast and English *Louisiana

    France tried a couple times in the 16th century to start colonies on North America's East Coast but they ultimately failed. However, she later successfully established her hold over the Mississippi basin and Canada. So, for the intents and purposes of this WI, say France's American colonies...
  11. The Potomac Calls: WI Virginia Elected a Unionist Governor in 1859?

    "The Potomac Calls" WI Virginia Elected a Unionist Governor in 1859? A New Timeline By Japhy Prologue Richmond May 26th, 1859 Evening Even at this late hour, and even with the quirks of the Virginia Constitution which meant that it would be seven months before the result came into effect...
  12. ajdb0614

    DBWI: Virginia seceded from the Union

    How would the ACW go if Virginia joined the Confederacy instead of remaining loyal to the Union as in OTL? How would the Northern war effort fare without the contribution of General Lee and the Old Dominion state?
  13. Bahia de Todos los Santos: Spanish Colonization of the Mid-Atlantic
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Where it all began.

    Author Notes: In OTL for many years historians of Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon’s failed colony believed the original colony to be in Virginia not far from Jamestown on the York river. However recent investigation has placed the location of the colony along the Carolina coast, most promisingly along...
  14. Nat Turner and John Brown

    These are probably the two most famous leaders of a slave rebellion in US history; Turner in 1831, Brown in 1859, both in Virginia. Both leader's rebellions lasted only a few days before being brutally crushed; Turner and his followers by white militias, Brown by US Marines and local militia...
  15. What if Opechancanough's 1622 raid were more successful?

    I was reading The Barbarous Years by Bernard Bailyn the other day, and I learned about the extent of the damage that Opechancanough (Powhatan's brother and successor) caused to the Virginia colony with his 1622 massacre in the Jamestown area. Could this attack have destroyed Jamestown and the...