vietnam war

  1. What if the Vietnam war lasted longer?

    I want to see what people would think would happen if the Vietnam lasted longer than it did. What would happen to the USA? Would North Vietnam fall? What other unforeseen events would happen?
  2. The_Russian

    Vietnamese Diaspora if South Vietnam survived?

    Recently I’ve became more interested in learning about the Vietnam war, and what a South Vietnamese victory or stalemate would mean for the Vietnamese Diaspora in the US. Without the North taking over the whole country it’s obvious that there won’t be as many people moving to the US to escape...
  3. Potential "Libertarian" Republican canidate in 1976 after two terms of Henry "Scoop" Jackson?

    My scenario is following: Nixon wins 1960 election and initiates a full-scale invasion of Cuba in 1961 after a Tonkin-like provocation instead of IRL Bay of Pigs. Soviets still errect the Berlin Wall, but utilize it as a convinient response to the American invasion. The lack of Cuban Missile...
  4. Hubert Humphrey wins in 1968 : how does the Vietnam War end ?

    If Hubert Humphrey had won the 1968 election, how would the Vietnam War have ended? Would it have ended earlier than OTL, or rather at the same time? How would the peace negotiations have gone?
  5. LBJ stays in the Senate?

    Suppose that Lyndon Johnson, assuming he fails to win the Democratic presidential nomination in 1960 just like IOTL, remembers John Nance Garner's words about the vice presidency not being worth "a bucket of warm piss", and so he decides to stay in the Senate rather than be the running mate to...
  6. The Hillbilly Dictator: The Bjelke Petersen Years and Beyond in New Zealand

    1911: Johannes Bjelke Petersen is born in Dannevirke in the Hawkes Bay Region of New Zealand to a Lutheran Pastor father Carl and homemaker mother Maren 1913 (POD): Due to financial constraints and poor health the Bjelke Petersen family decide not to move to Australia with Carl Bjelke Petersen...
  7. luxtaythe2nd

    ATL: Potsdam, Yalta, and others go differently and the Cold War goes down a weird path

    This is an alternate timeline in which a bunch of conferences, treaties, wars, and other stuff that defined the Cold War are done differently (however unrealistic they may be), causing a snowball effect that would make the Cold War go very differently (and also very wacky). This is my first big...
  8. Marklin

    What if the Vietnam War never happened?

    To be specific, this should be called "What if the Second Indochina War never happened" but most people know it as the Vietnam War. Basically what the title says, but to make this interesting, I have two scenarios in mind: 1. The Referendum is successful overwhelmingly (and legitimately, as...
  9. Tales Weaver

    WI/PC: Allende sends troops to Vietnam

    Looking at Salvador Allende, let’s say that he defeated Frei in 1964 instead of defeating Alessandri in 1970. As Vietnam war breaks out, he has to make a decision: send troops to Vietnam or not. Would it be plausible for Allende to send tr Either Vietnam? What would be a realistic fallout if...
  10. Brainstorming a TL: No Nixon Pardon
    Threadmarks: 1. POD

    So I'm still nailing down a lot of things, but I have enough that I wanted some feedback. Staring with a plausibility check on the POD itself. POD: The 18.5 minutes of Nixon's Watergate tapes doesn't get erased, and it's damning. In this ATL, it's Nixon and Haldeman discussing the fact that...
  11. Second Sino-French War over Indochina

    POD 1934 long march fails completely CCP is eliminated Second Sino Japanese war still happens, KMT hold out until Japan is defeated and surrenders to USA , Chiang occupies japanese occupied china and He is allowed to occupy Indo China until French return as in OTL but refuses to withdraw since...
  12. United States President

    John Wayne for President '68
    Threadmarks: John Wayne for President Pt. 1

    Introduction I've had this scenario written up for a long while now. I had learned a few years back that John Wayne was asked to run by Texas Republican Party backers. He refused because he felt American voters wouldn't buy an actor running for office. And since Ronald Reagan is a thing, I...
  13. WI: LBJ Duck Hooks Vietnam excluding the nuclear weapons and invades Ho Chi Minh Trail in 1964-65

    For context (got from Wikipedia) operation duck hook was a plan the nixon administration had thought of to end Vietnam which involved possible-nuclear bombing of military and economic targets in and around Hanoi, the mining of Haiphong harbor and other ports, saturation bombing of Hanoi and...
  14. State of the Vietnam Era US Military

    Recently I've been reading about the particularly poor state of the Vietnam War era US Military and what seems to have been a particular low point in its history. It looks like at times the US Military was in danger of seeing a collapse of morale, order and discipline due to anti war sentiment...
  15. What if the United States re-entered the Vietnam war militarily in 1975?

    What do you all think would need to happen in the U.S government to allow this to happen? What would the war look like for all sides? And lastly how would the American public react?
  16. What would be the impact of independent Republic of Canton during Cold War after communists government took over rest of Mainland China?

    Second picture shows the impact of the end of good alternate ending of Vietnam War in July 1975.
  17. Gillan1220

    AHC: Drag the Vietnam War into the 1980s

    What it says in the tin. Just as long as the conflict in Afghanistan is today. What POD is needed and what will the butterflies be of the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s?
  18. Agartala Conspiracy Case leads to a crackdown?

    In 1968 the Pakistani Government arrested a number of persons including Mujib in connection with the Agartala Conspiracy Case but the case had to be dropped by the Government due to a popular uprising in East Pakistan without even completing the case. The case was filed in early 1968 and...
  19. Suez and Vietnam

    Just a question I've been pondering for a while, and wanted to get the wider forum's thoughts on this. If the United States, for whatever reason, "backs" Britain during the Suez Crisis (which in reality just means not taking an actively anti-British stance during the crisis), does this have any...
  20. AHC/WI: Make South Vietnam win the Vietnam War with a POD after 1968

    I've largely seen a consensus that the Vietnam War was unwinnable after around 1964-65, but I was just wondering if anyone thought it was in any way winnable after 1968, whether it be a split North/South ala Korea or a fully reunited Vietnam by the South, I'm just curious if any of these were...