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  1. WI: Video game console invented in the 1950s?

    Ralph Baer, inventor of the first video game console, claimed that he first devised the concept of an interactive television set in 1951. If he had pursued that idea back then, How would a video game system invented then effect the long-term trajectory of the field? How would the culture develop...
  2. Otakuninja2006

    What If Apple Released A REAL Gaming Console?

    Let's say that, sometime around say, the mid 2000s, Apple got the courage to give the gaming industry another shot. We all know that the Apple Bandai Pippin failed so bad that it led Apple nearer to bankruptcy and Bandai almost merged with Sega, but by the mid 2000s, Apple was pretty much at...
  3. Dear Pesky Partners... - A Nintendo-Philips Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello, and welcome to Dear Pesky Partners! Before we get into the timeline proper, I'd like to make a short introductory post addressing a few things about it. What is this timeline's focus? While video games are one of this timeline's main focuses, this timeline will also take a look at pop...
  4. Gnomepilled

    Gta3 cancelled after 9/11

    After 9/11 gta3 was almost cancelled. The reason why is because Rockstar offices were right next to the wtc. Just for you to know Vice City was in development at the time so there still would have been a Gta 3.
  5. KPyall

    (OLD) The Indrema Revolution - An Alternate History of Indrema
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    NOTE: This version of the TL is no longer being worked on. Check out the new version here: The Indrema Revolution by KPyall Howdy, the name's KP! This is my first timeline...
  6. JoeCarioca2491

    Super Mario Shuffle-Stars: A Shuffled Mario TL

    So what is this TL? Simple, basically the same thing with my Disney Shuffled TL but with Mario this time. I previously wanted to do this after my Disney TL is done, but I might as well do it now as it would be somewhat fun. Most of the Mario games including the spinoffs would be shuffled...
  7. What if: There Was A Massive Oil Crisis In The Middle East In 1985?

    November 16th, 1985. Tokyo, JP. Nintendo Headquarters: Shigeru: “Electricity is the phenomena associated with the presence of motion and matter that has a property of an electric change.” Yamauchi: “What are you talking about this time, Miyamoto?” Miyamoto: “Electricity in entertainment is...
  8. bennymaker

    Atari: A different Console War
    Threadmarks: Sega Atari Nintendo 3DO

    Different Console Manufacturers Names Nintendo: Same as the OTl Sega: Atari 3DO: Same as the OTl Atari: Arcadia Atari's development studios and their franchises Atari AM1: CueBall, Happy Bird, Zaxxon, Half-Beast Atari AM2: Hang-On, Space Harrier, Out Run, After Burner, Benji the Hedgehog, Mad...
  9. Caravels of Portugal

    Let Megatech Satisfy Your Most Primal Desires: A Pop Culture Timeline
    Threadmarks: Beginnings (1989-1990)

    “I thought Megatech would only last four years, folding like the companies that popped up during the nineties anime boom, but now we’re the biggest licensors of anime games in America. It really feels astounding for a company, founded by a college graduate, specializing in niche titles. I got to...
  10. Duke Nukem Forever is released in 2001 (or 2002) - what is its impact and legacy on the FPS genre, the Duke Nukem series, and the video game industry?

    Duke Nukem Forever needs no introduction if you are into FPS games, or video games in general really, there are countless wiki articles and youtube videos that detail the mythology surrounding this game, it was in development between 1996 to 2011, 14 years, being a peak example of vaporware, it...
  11. Best Pop Culture Licenses That Never Happened (or haven't happened)

    Inspired by these three threads: Ever watch an anime...
  12. Jaiken

    Going Rabbid: Nintendo And Ubisoft Timeline

    The year is 1996 and Ubisoft is looking for investors to donate to its growth. Knowing they could use a developer to further their grip in Europe alongside Rare the Big N decides to invest into the company. A start up company like this would be going places; especially, after hearing of...
  13. Jaiken

    A Humble Nintendo: What if Donkey Kong Failed?

    The idea was simple, launch the Donkey Kong arcade game and let it see how the American market would react. Instead, the game had a bug that made the game play terribly or simply not at all, Donkey Kong would have to be shelved. With all the monitors now needing to be recalled something had to...
  14. Caravels of Portugal

    WI: Megatech Software never went out of business in the 90s?

    For those who aren't familiar with a bit of anime fandom history, Megatech Software was the first licensor of anime games in the United States of America. Unlike JAST USA, Megatech usually reformulated their games instead of directly porting it during translation of Japanese video games. In the...
  15. ToastyPancakes

    AHC: Nintendo and Sega more powerful than Sony

    So, your challenge here is to have Nintendo and Sega be more dominant in the console market than Sony, with Nintendo winning the console wars in 1st place, Sega in 2nd place and Sony in 3rd place.
  16. ToastyPancakes

    AHC: Make the 3DO successful

    As the title says, your challenge here is to make the 3DO console a success.
  17. What if: Gravity Falls and The Owl House debuted as video game franchises

    Hello everyone. My name is Zero_to_Hero. And today I am here to talk about a ‘what if’ scenario. What if Gravity Falls and The Owl House debuted as video game franchises in 1999 and 2000? I made those fanfics on both AO3 and Tapas. In those, I explain the full details on what those had been like...
  18. ToastyPancakes

    DBWI: Sega-Philips partnership in the early 90s

    I’ve heard that Philips, after getting rebuffed by Nintendo, entered talks with Sega in 1992 about producing a CD-ROM add-on for their Mega Drive, but ultimately decided to go solo with the CD-i, which became a failure, which leaves me wondering. What if Sega teamed up with Philips in the early...
  19. ToastyPancakes

    AHC: Have Nintendo win the console wars

    So, your challenge here is to have Nintendo be the winner of the console wars.
  20. The Gamer Sunflower

    What if SEGA and Silicon Graphics, Inc. had agreed to make a SEGA Eris?

    Okay guys. I had a weird idea concerning SEGA and Silicon Graphics, It doesn't help the fact that Nintendo 64 was almost a SEGA Console but what if it isn't? here is a quote from Wikipedia's Entry for Nintendo 64 Entry: and here is the Video Proving that: How would it affect Nintendo as a...