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  1. How would an alternate 1960 presidential election of VP William Knowland vs Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson and the aftermath look like?

    I’m curious because i feel like alternate 1960 presidential candidates is under explored/talked about and an election between these two in 1960 seems really interesting but I’m not very knowledgeable of what the political environment was like to have a solid idea on what a presidential race...
  2. AHC; Give the US the most amount of female Presidents

    As the title states, give the USA the most amount of female Presidents - I have posted this in after 1900 for obvious reasons, but if somehow you can have one be pre-1900 that would for sure be allowed too (a successful Victoria Woodhull campaign, perhaps?) Regardless, Good Luck!
  3. WI: President Birch Bayh

    In OTL Birch Bayh ran for President in 1976 but dropped out early in the primaries. What if he had won the democratic nomination and the presidency that year? What would he have done differently than Carter as President? Would he have been re-elected in 1980? What impact would his presidency...
  4. Would Collin Powell run in 2004 given such conditions?

    The first PoD in my scenrio is the earlier War on Terror- instead of 9/11 the 1993 WTC bombing succeeds and Clinton invades Sudan (which hosted the AQ at the time), while intevening more in Somalia and Rwanda. Dur to the Rally around the Flag effect, there is no Republican revolution in 1994...
  5. Truman Defeats Taft - A Third Term Truman Timeline
    Threadmarks: The Korean Unification

    On November 20th, 1950, the US backed South Korea beat the communist north. In just a few months the tide of the war had completely reversed. North Korea alone couldn't stand up to the UN, and China had decided to stay out of war Truman's approval rating spiked, and this combined with a...
  6. WI : Mario Cuomo in 1992

    Governor Mario Cuomo of New York considered running for President in 1992, but finally decided not to run. Let's say he runs and wins the Democratic nomination. How well would he do in the general election against Bush? Would he do worse or better than Clinton? Who would be his running mate?
  7. The Bayh-Celler Amendment -- What if the Electoral College was Abolished?
    Threadmarks: The Bayh-Celler Amendment

    BAYH-CELLER AMENDMENT PASSED -- ELECTORAL COLLEGE ABOLISHED -New York Times, September 30th, 1970 In September 1970, the Bayh-Celler amendment was passed. Due to how Nixon nearly lost the popular vote but would have still won the electoral vote, interest in abolishing the electoral college rose...
  8. Country First -- What if McCain won in 2000?
    Threadmarks: 2000 Election

    On November 7th, 2000, John McCain beat Al Gore, becoming the 43rd president of the United States and the first president from Arizona. He had faced a tough primary against John Kasich, and an even more difficult campaign in the general election, but ultimately prevailed despite a good economy...
  9. US Politics in Alt Cold War

    So in this scenario, a Christian Socialist movement led by Father Stalin takes over Russia instead of the Bolsheviks. After WWII, America and the Christian Soviets get into the Cold War as usual. The Reds win the Greek civil war and bring Greece into the Warsaw Pact, having gained a decisive...
  10. the Imperium of Canada

    AHC: Make The CPUSA as relevant as the OTL Libertarian Party

    So your challenge here is with a PoD after 1939, come up with a way where the Communist Party USA instead of basically becoming irrelevant even compared to the rest of the extremely marginalized American Far Left ends up growing to the point where it's comparable to the OTL Libertarian Party...
  11. Aztekk

    Good Times Ahead: A Ted Bundy Story
    Threadmarks: Part I, Chapter 1

    Part I Chapter 1 Dear Jodie Evening of March 29, 1981 Washington, D.C. There’s a run-down watering hole on 18th Street, a couple of blocks away from the White House. Capitol staffers, assistants, interns, and that sort of folk frequent it sometimes; booze is cheap, so that’s good. In comes Ted...
  12. Republican 1996 presidential nominee with a successfull 1993 WTC bombing?

    Basically, the 1993 WTC bombing succeeds and ''War on Terror'' starts 8 years earlier. First of all, the ''rally around the flag'' would prevent the 1994 republican gains in Congress. The 1996 election would pretty much resemble the IRL 2004 election with it's focus on security. Would the...
  13. NyQuil

    Gore Strikes Back! A Al Gore 2004 Timeline
    Threadmarks: 2003 PROLOGUE

    On December 16th 2002 Former Vice President Al Gore appeared on 60 Minutes saying that he was still unsure about a 2004 Presidential run and he and his wife Tipper would think about it and make a decision early next year. In March 2003 Gore would start a presidential exploratory committee to...
  14. AHC: Democrats make significant gains in 1946 elections under Truman

    In 1946 Republicans made great gains taking the house and senate under Truman. So how could fortunes reverse for the democrats where they actually gain a significant amount of seats adding to their super-majority in 1946
  15. President Stassen - in 1968?

    So, Harold Stassen, the famous liberal Republican politician turned joke perennial candidate from the 1952 presidential election onward, we all know him. But what if he made a comeback in 1958? That year, he tried to become the GOP gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania, but he was defeated in...
  16. U.S Election Cycles from 2000 Onward :

    Hi Everyone,this is basically going to be sort of a roleplay game thing where you can post the events of U.S Election Cycles from 2000 Onward. If you are interested in joining we will start with the 2000 Election.With candidate announcements and such From November 1st 1999
  17. The Other Kennedy Lives: A Wikibox TL
    Threadmarks: Attempted assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

    June 5, 1968: Senator Robert F. Kennedy is on his way to address a crowd of supporters for the second time that night when his bodyguard William Barry tells him that his plans have changed and that he will instead be holding a press conference. Kennedy, however, is determined to speak to his...
  18. Records

    A New American Century

    A New American Century by Records Any constructive criticism and suggestions are welcomed! Hopefully, I will finished this instead of getting easily demoralized and abandoning my project. This project is dead.
  19. Orchard

    You the People- An American Interactive Timeline

    Starting in 1948 and ending in 2020, this timeline depends on who you vote in as nominee and then President. “On July 12, the Democratic National Convention convened in Philadelphia in the same arena where the Republicans had met a few weeks earlier. Spirits were low; the Republicans had taken...
  20. Records

    Miscellaneous United States Elections

    1900 United States presidential election in Louisiana The 1900 United States presidential election in Louisiana took place on November 6, 1900. William Jennings Bryan Party: Democratic Running Mate: Adlai Stevenson Electoral Vote: 7 Donelson Caffery Party: National Running Mate: Archibald...