1. AHC : a 19th century metropolis of more than 100.000 based on Haudenosaunee society and culture

    A question that's both very niche and very vague (and probably a tad ASB). There are clear examples of large and structured cities stemming from native cultures in Latin and South America (Tenochtitlan....), but in North America, beyond Cahokia and the Mississippi cultures of pre-colombian...
  2. Cities that could have been much larger

    What are some examples of cities that have all the necessary resources, location etc. to be a major city, but, for whatever reason, never developed into one? They don't necessarily have to be small towns right now, just places that could have been much larger if history had gone differently...
  3. AHC: Have American cities be among the most pedestrian-friendly in the world

    The challenge is as follows: prevent the rise of suburbs and urban sprawl while also making American cities walkable and developed with a heavy focus on public transportation. If this is ASB, is it at all possible if the POD was pushed back to pre-1900?
  4. What cities could have been reshaped with a massive urbanisation plan post-industrial revolution?

    Watching the work of Cerda in Barcelona and Haussmann in Paris in the second half of the XIXth Century, and their impact on the development of local populations and transports, whereas other cities were content with gradually changing bits and bobs here and there and expanding on the periphery...