1. Would Rome always be the capital of a united Italy?

    This is just something that popped into my head, but would Rome, being a historically important city, in both religious and non-religious senses, always by a united Italy’s capital?
  2. The American Odyssey: A Story of a United America with Star-Spangled Jubilation
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: A New Timeline begins

    Our team humbly presents, The American Odyssey Inspired by NK_Ryzov's 'USAO', Note: All written content rights reserved to the AO Community Project. All image content rights reserved to their respective creators. Prelude: A project a long time in the making, the premise is simple. The United...
  3. Gukpard

    Could Poland be to russia what Ireland is to UK?

    I remember reading many years ago a timeline where the white wons the russian civil war, with one of the PoDs being Trotsky being captured and Kornilov not dying on his march to Moscow, the details are not so relevant, however. On this scenario after gaining full control over Russia the whites...
  4. FernandoPerla

    United ancient Greece

    Was it ever possible to have a united Greece in ancient times? If so, how? I don't count Philip nor Alexander because the country was actually Macedon.
  5. Could the Communists save the Weimar Republic?

    The KPD played an important role in the destruction of the democracy in Germany. The communists refused to cooperate with the social democrats and called them social facists. But what if the two parties worked together? Could united general strike or a one candidate for the presidential...
  6. Nightingale

    If Latin America was rich, will the US still see much Latino immigration?

    Given that the 1965 Immigration Act still passes, if Latin America is wealthy, would many Latinos still go to the United States? IOTL, 17% of Americans are Latino. ITTL, if Latin America is wealthy, what is the percentage of Latinos in the United States population?
  7. AHC: Have the world united by 2017.

    Is this possible? Let me know in the comments. This scenario is limited to make it as democratic as possible so no Axis or Soviet Union world conquests. Additionally, all colonialism is done via client-states in this timeline. Is this possible?
  8. ronaldo

    Alternate United Nations

    Alternative names for the United Nations What names are possible for the united nations? The name can not have league or any reference the league of nations in its name Possible names Using country instead of nations like '' United Countries '' Union of nations Unified nations Group of nations...
  9. Nightingale

    The Onward March of Freedom: The Cold War
    Threadmarks: INTRODUCTION

    June 12, 2026 Freedom Square Quezon City, Philippines 10:34 AM UTC+8 "...THE day was Independence Day in the Philippines. Filipinos from all walks of life went to celebrate the day the Filipinos were finally free from centuries of oppression and destitution. I could still remember the time when...
  10. ronaldo


    UNITED ARGENTINE AND CHILE What changes in history would have to be made to be possible? Maybe chile be part of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata and then part of the United Provinces? What would be the effect of this for BRAZIL, SOUTH AMERICA, AND THE WORLD? THE WAR OF THE PACIIFICO, THE...
  11. ronaldo


  12. Whiteshore

    Impact of a United India

    Let's say that Jinnah remains in the Indian National Congress and that the Muslim League (and the idea of Pakistan) remains stillborn. With no split between Hindu and Muslim elements of the Indian nationalist movement, when India becomes independent, it becomes so as a united Dominion of India...
  13. AHC: Modern Unified Orthodox Balkan Nation - "Byzantine" revival

    As the title states. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to have an independent nation that englobes the entirety of the Orthodox balkans (modern greece, serbia, montenegro, bulgaria and romania minus transylvania) by the year 1880, with a POD no earlier than 1750 (couple of decades...