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  1. GameBawesome

    Entertainment in a Confederate Victory

    This is seems like a minor idea, but I’m curious about. In a POD where the Confederate States of America won independence around 1862, with international recognition from Britain and France, and war-wariness from Copperheads and Civilians of the North. In the post war borders, the CSA gains...
  2. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    To be In Dixie: A Graphic Timeline on the CSA
    Threadmarks: OP + Map.

    To Be in Dixie Welcome to the World of 'To be in Dixie', a timeline that is meant to attack on the overly troped 'extremely successful CSA' or 'excessively idiotic and stupid CSA' cliches. This will try to show what would be an organic and proper development of a country, that has won its...
  3. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    At Heaven's Command: A Graphic TL
    Threadmarks: OP+Map of world 2021

    For a long time, I have to admit that I have been reading and enjoying graphic timelines made by @CosmicAsh, @LeinadB93, @Onerom etc, and while i have made miniature graphic TLs before, this is my side-project, a permanent one, whilst I stay isolated as I got infected by the one and only...
  4. WI: President William "Boss" Tweed

    Per the title, what's the best POD to get one of America's most corrupt politicians in the White House? What would his Presidency look like? Would we get Watergate 100 years earlier?
  5. House of Orange

    AHC/WI: Socialist Republican Party

    The two-party system has been a very constant facet of American politics; for the majority of US history and into the present day, the two main political parties have been the Democratic and Republican Parties. However, their political coalitions and party platforms have shifted many times, most...
  6. The Gamer Sunflower

    Is it possible to get an "American" Nintendo?

    No, I'm not talking about Nintendo of America or The way they make video games in America branch of Nintendo but I'm talking about a Nintendo as if they were an American Company that were founded in 23 September 1889 in The United States Of America. there are lot of questions in an "American"...
  7. JuanmaSingh

    Plus Ultra: A Spanish Revival
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: A miraculous escape. The dangerous presence of more than 65,000 french troops in the Spanish mainland and their control over the comunication with Portugal, the French border and even Madrid, with the adition of the Napoleon's exigences over the realms of Carlos IV ended up alarming...
  8. HeX

    WI: The United States Joined the League of Nations?

    The League of Nations is one of the world's great disaster stories. Intended to be the keepers of the peace to ensure that something as terrible as World War One never occurred again, through a mixture of apathy and weakness the League faltered time and time again until it finally fell apart at...
  9. An American Oddity
    Threadmarks: Revolution- Burning of Montreal

    Ne’er before had the flames of warfare turned so badly against the British -King George III The Revolution started in Montreal -George Washington He had repeatedly denied the citizens of these fair colonies the Freedom of Religion -Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. CHAPTER I...
  10. AHC: Less corrupt Louisiana

    Louisiana has long had a reputation as one of the most corrupt states in America, and not without reason. Your challenge is to have it be significantly less corrupt.
  11. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Great Railroads of the World: Part 1 of my universe of TLs

    Hello all. This is a start of an older railroad TL that I got bogged down in. So this time, I'm going to eschew the traditional take on such subjects, and try to test this out as part of a universe I plan. Contributions are welcome, so if you like, go ahead and PM me.
  12. Wild West in a divided America?

    What might the Wild West be like in a divided America? I don't necessarily mean a Confederate victory in the ACW, I just mean a "Divided States of America" scenario, which could theoretically happen a number of different ways.
  13. Roosevelt

    The Kingdom of Liberty: A History of the United States
    Threadmarks: Chapter One

    The Kingdom of Liberty A History of the United States "Unlike the centuries-old absolute monarchies of Europe, which ruled for power and control, the American monarchy ruled for nearly the exact opposite: liberty and independence. Since Henry the First to George the Second, we have been dearly...
  14. WI: Robert E. Lee killed at the Battle of Chapultepec

    In September 1847, the Battle for Mexico City was raging. During the attack on Chapultepec Castle, a young American officer was wounded. That officer was Captain Robert E. Lee. What if Lee had been killed instead of just wounded? What impact would it have had?
  15. DBAHC: Wank the United States of America

    We all know how things went for the USA IOTL. Your challenge is to make it far more successful.
  16. DBWI: Virginia Secedes

    During the American Civil War, there was a lot of suspense over whether the remaining slave states would stay in the Union or join the seceding states. Virginia was no exception. Things were touch-and-go for a while, but as we all know, Virginia ended up staying in the Union. What if Virginia...
  17. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Separated at Birth “The story of the twentieth century is a story of two brothers separated at birth, one raised in America and one in Africa. Their father was British, their mother French, but as is always the case it was their upbringing that shaped their characters.”- Wolf Hugeson, The...
  18. AHC: USA a Central Power in WW1

    So, there was a timeline awhile back where the USA was a Central Power in WW1, and I was wondering, how could they have become one? I heard that, when the war began, a large portion of the (mostly German and Irish-American) population in general supported the central powers while wealthy...
  19. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: More electric trains in North America

    Simply put, have more railroads in North America use electric engine as opposed to diesel engines. Where would this be economically viable or successful? Where wouldn't it work? Is it possible to see most American main lines electrified?
  20. AHC: Make the USA as unstable as possible by 2000 without collapsing

    Okay, so your goal here is to create as much instability and political tension as possible by the year 2000 in the USA without having it collapse or become more stable. Think Wiemar Germany pre-Hitler or something. This is just for fun. Don't know why I posted it, really.