1. Swedish-Prussian union/ a Prussian war of succession.

    What if Prince Augustus William of Prussia, and his family die of a house fire. Leading Gustav 3 of sweden to lay a claim on the Prussian throne, After Fredericks death in 1786.Due to being Frederick nephew. After rumours that Austria and Russia intend to interfere in Prussian susuccession...
  2. United Kingdom of France

    What if France joined the UK after the Napoleonic wars? I think that French people would be encouraged to speak English and in this timeline their empires combine.
  3. GauchoBadger

    WI: Austrian Savoy

    With a PoD between 1559 (recognition of savoyard independence by Valois France) and 1848, how can we unite the Austrian kingdom with Savoy-Piedmont? How does this affect Italy as a whole, what with the Habsburgs controlling most of northern Italy (and possibly also southern Italy, if we can...
  4. ronaldo

    The unification of a Hemisphere

    the unification of a hemisphere I've always thought the Americas are similar to Europe, the '' Union of the Americas '' could emerge similar to the European Union model. Here are some features in this alternative union that I'm looking for: - the alternative union must have a single currency...
  5. AHC: Canadian Scotland

    Inspired by this article in the BBC. Your challenge is (relatively) simple: With a POD any time after 1800, have Scotland become a province of the modern nation of Canada. England, Ireland, Wales, and the rest of the British Empire outside of North America can NOT be included.
  6. Worst Case Scenario: American Reconstruction

    What it says in the title.
  7. Tempered Zen

    WI | An Earlier Confederacy

    What is the earliest point that the Southern states could secede from the Union?
  8. American Civil War: After Lincoln Inaguration Speech CSA goes to negotiation table.

    Okay apparently in First Inaguration Speech Lincoln hinted at allowing the Slavery to continue in attempt to avoid the secession. What would happen If CSA reacts to this and there is last attempt to avoid war. Obviously aside from slavery CSA would propably demand bigger autonomy. so what...
  9. ajdb0614

    DBWI: The Border States stayed loyal to the Union

    IOTL Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland and the Western counties of Virginia (who ironically were attempting to breakaway from Va. and form a Pro-Union "West Virginia" state) all had strong pro-Union sentiments (in spite of being slave states) in the buildup to the Civil War. However as we...
  10. ajdb0614

    DBWI: Virginia seceded from the Union

    How would the ACW go if Virginia joined the Confederacy instead of remaining loyal to the Union as in OTL? How would the Northern war effort fare without the contribution of General Lee and the Old Dominion state?
  11. Seceding From Secession

    If the Union got an earlier start during the American Civil War and had enough troops on the borders with the CSA, how many potential new states could be created in the way that West Virginia came into being? Or alternatively is it at all possible that vindictive Union States might be granted...
  12. ronaldo

    Union slavery and confederate abolitionists

    Union slavery and confederate abolitionists The northern states (union) with slaves from independence and with the expiration to the south, the south becomes abolitionist. The civil war begins south abolitionist and northern slavery
  13. How can the Soviet Union achieve the best possible industrialization between 1920-1939?

    What is the absolute best-case scenario for early Soviet industrialization, ignoring internal politics and leadership? What policies or treaties would advance the USSR the absolute most, providing the largest possible industry and prosperity? Ideally, it would have the lowest death toll from...
  14. Cdoug96

    Mexico declares War on the Union and the Confederacy in 1863

    What if Mexico declares War on the Union and the Confederacy in 1863 post Gettysburg in hopes of reclaiming some of its lost territories?
  15. thezerech

    What if California seceeded from the Union during the Civil War to stay neutral?

    For those of you who did not know, California actually did come close to seceding from the Union during the Civil War. The Governor John B. Weller had decided if it came to war between the States, he would try and secede from the Union to form an Independent California Republic. However his term...
  16. AHC: Soviet Union creates a new religion

    With religion being the "opiate of the masses" according to Marx, could the Soviet Union create a new religion and make it the state religion? If so what would that religion look like?
  17. WI: Shiloh smashing Confederate Victory?

    The way it looks to me, the general concept for Johnston's counterattack at Shiloh was pretty sound; he'd take on one Union army, right wheel to cut it off from support, destroy it against the Owl Creek swamps, before turning back to block the other army. He even had the good fortune to catch...
  18. Historyman 14

    Views on the South and Civil War if CSA won, but later lost

    All right. Taking notes and elements from Timeline-191 and more, the South won the Civil War (With aid from the UK and French.) and stay independent. However, when WW1 rolls around (for the sake of argument, most everything else in the world happen OTL more or less) the USA allies with Germany...
  19. Land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten : Redux

    Some people sounded interested in this TL so I am starting it up again. I will appreciate any help when I hit WWI as I did that poorly and that is when people seemed to lose interest. "This is WXCH Chicago and you are on the air" says the sultry voice of Alice Johnson .A rough voice says "I...