1. AHC:Pneumatic post and electric telegraph appearing together

    Do pneumatic post networks strike anyone here as being built after electrical telegraphy had become established? These systems did depend on the use of the technology behind the electrical telegraph so that the sender can tell the receiver that something is on its way and the receiver can tell...
  2. Rail Maps Thread

    Since no such thread has appeared in the Alternate History Maps and Graphics subforum, was wondering whether anyone has tried their hand at making Railway maps? Particularly those derived from projects that did not go anywhere in OTL or were repurposed in later schemes.
  3. Lifelines Of Logistics - How To (Not) Draw Your Transit Maps/Diagrams

    Before I won't get started at all, I'll open this thread now without the intention to be epic in one post. This is beyond my abilities and and my ambitions. It's rather about the many small things that I watch out for when I take some daydreams onto paper or any graphics program that have...