trent incident

  1. WI: Fremont won in 1856 causing earlier Civil War with its own version of the Trent Affair from OTL War?

    So in this scenario, Fremont wins and the exact same states that seceded OTL do so again. In late 1857, there is an incident similar to OTL Trent Affair, except Fremont is more antagonistic than Lincoln was and he calls UK's bluff, which turns out to not be a bluff, by not only refusing to...
  2. Sarthak

    Realistic Trent War?

    I know this is a overused POD or something however in almost every thread regarding this i find two areas of the spectrum. 1. British - Oh hell no! We would kick those yankees kingdom come! 2. American - Oh hell no! We kick those pompous Brits in their arses and seize Canada! What i find...
  3. Everdarklegion

    The Trent Affair causes the British to mobilize

    In OTL the Union navy stopped, boarded and captured two Confederate ambassadors on the British vessel the Trent. Lincoln was able to successfully find a diplomatic solution to the crisis, but what if Great Britain was less receptive to diplomacy and war broke out between GB and the Union, thus...
  4. AlvinTheCreator

    Plausibility Check: Any Constructive Critiques?

    The following is an eraser excerpt for a little idea of mine: what if the Trent Affair had been much messier? As you know, it's not easy developing an interesting story while maintaining at least some plausibility. This is more-less by POD... if you could provide thoughts, comments or even...
  5. EnglishCanuck

    Wrapped in Flames: The Great American War and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: To Light a Fire Under Her

    Chapter 1: To Light a Fire under Her "We will wrap the whole world in flames! No power is so remote that she will not feel the fire of our battle and not be burned by our conflagration!" United States Secretary of State William H. Seward as overheard at a diplomatic function by William H...