1. Gentleman Biaggi

    TLIAW: Fall Not By Scandal; But By Chaos

    Carl Albert/Vacant (Democratic) February 22, 1974-October 7, 1974 Carl Albert/Thomas Moorer (Democratic/Nonpartisan) October 7, 1974-September 5, 1975 Def. Never Officially Elected Former Positions: Speaker of the House [1971-1974] (along with other high-ranking positions within the Democratic...
  2. King of the Uzbeks

    Numbah 2: A TLPIAW
    Threadmarks: Opening

    What is this? A TLPIAW. What the hell is that? A Timeline Posted In A Week. It’s like a TLIAW except instead of trying and failing to write it all in one week and dragging it out until it becomes more of a normal timeline I write it in my own sweet time then post it over the course of a...
  3. Gentleman Biaggi

    TLIAW: One Candidate changes everything

    What's this? A TLIAW - you didn't rea- No, but I'm wondering why Because I felt like it That's a dumb answer You're a dumb voice A secon- Ah whatever, what is this about? Greenland No one will ever read this At least I'll be creative This is gonna be really unrealistic I have some American stuff...
  4. Cevolian

    Miss Atomic Bomb - A TLIAW

    "The dust cloud has settled, and my eyes are clear But sometimes in dreams of impact I still hear Miss Atomic Bomb, I'm standing here Sweat on my skin And this love that I've cradled Is wearing thin (Miss Atomic Bomb) But I'm standing here and you 're too late Your shock-wave whisper has sealed...
  5. shiftygiant

    TLIAF: Beneath an Amber Moon
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    ~=+=~ Merry Christmas! And a Happy Holidays. So, this is your 'annual TLIA*'? Yep. The Kennedy one? Indeed. The one you thought may be distasteful given what's happened in the last year and month? Yeah, but I've stopped worrying about that. Okay. Doesn't look very... Kennedy to me...
  6. TLIAW/M: Arranging the Deck Chairs Upon this Sinking Ship

    Arranging the Deck Chairs Upon this Sinking Ship - Leaders of the Soviet Union from 1917 to Modern Times --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seems you missed the boat for this trend. Dunno if that was a pun, but...
  7. OwenM

    TLIAW: For Want of A Checkup

    Tributes have been flowing in from all sides of the aisle in Westminster today, following the tragic and sudden death of Labour's Shadow Chancellor John Smith.... Mr Smith had complained of chest pains the day before, but refused to delay his return to London. Whilst in the air, he collapsed...