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  1. weaverj

    TL 191 DBWI: Final Season of Man in the High Castle finished!

    (Ooc: this is more of a DBRP than a DBWI. I messed up on the title) So I'm sure by this point the folks here have watched Man in the High Castle, and the ones who have yet to watch it here are at least aware of it. Those who somehow aren't aware of the series here have most likely heard of the...
  2. Eonex

    Is Harry Turtledove's TL-191 worth it?

    I'm looking for a new series to start reading. I had this on my Reading List since a long of time and I think is time to get it since Christmas is near. I always wanted to dig more in the American Civil War since it's an important topic in Alternate History. But I want to know, should I dig more...
  3. weaverj

    TL 191 HOI4 Mod Update and Discussion Thread

    So, very recently, I have become a de facto member of the Team working on a TL 191 mod for Hearts of Iron 4! My main job is to give ideas and use my Vast Knowledge and Passion for the World of TL 191 to help out in the creation of the World for the Mod, and even suggest Ideas to fill the Gaps...
  4. TL 191. Character Descriptions

    I'd really like to know what some of the characters looked like in the Southern Victory Series. Feel free to use photos of actors.
  5. Kaiphranos

    MotF 191: Lost And Found - Voting Thread

    Three entries this round, for some different takes on a classic AH scenario! Check out the entries here, then vote for your favorite to win this round of Map of the Fortnight!
  6. Kaiphranos

    MotF 191: Lost And Found

    MotF 191: Lost And Found The Challenge Choose one - make a map set in a world where Robert E. Lee’s Special Order 191 is not discovered by Union forces, OR make a DBWI map originating in such a world, speculating on the consequences of the order being discovered. The Restrictions For this...
  7. weaverj

    TL-191 Post-War Military Tech and Uniforms

    One of two TL-191 related Threads I had in mind. After 1944, how would one imagine Military Tech and Uniforms of this TL evolving as time goes on. I specifically refer to the three main powers of America, Germany, and Japan. What kind of Weapons and Uniforms would be common in these modern...
  8. weaverj

    TL 191 DBWI: Which Timelines on this site do you reccomend?

    Howdy Y'all! I am CarpenterH and I am new to this site. I was wondering which TLs on this site are considered "the best" and reccomend for those interested in Counterfactual History, such as myself(1)? I've read the Novelization of "The European-Confederate War" and "Decisive Darkness" already...
  9. Historyman 14

    TL-191 WI: Union keeps fighting after Camp Hill.

    As it says. Let's say the CSA, even after its decisive victory and occupying Philadelphia, it still does not gain the diplomatic recognition from the United Kingdom and France. At the same time, even with the lost of Camp Hill, Abraham Lincoln still goes forward with the Emancipation...
  10. How Few are Sane: Revanchism in TL-191

    One of the most immediate themes in the whole of TL-191 that I've seen is that of revenge. The United States wants revenge against the Entente, France wants revenge against Germany, and then later the Entente wants revenge against the Central Powers, and the whole cycle of wanting revenge...
  11. weaverj

    TL 191 DBWI: Turtledoves other works

    So when people on this site talk about Harry Turtledove, alot of people usually talk about Timeline 191, in which the North wins. But what about Turtledoves other works. What are your thoughts on the other AH novels that Turtledove has written? popular ones like "Planet Battle" (ooc: Worldwar)...
  12. weaverj

    Results of an SGW Entente Victory in TL 191

    I was wondering what would happen if the Entente won the Second Great War in TL 191. Specifically, I was curious about the Territory that would be annexed by each state and how the world would be re-drawn. EDIT: Is there any good TL 191 basemaps on the wiki? If so, could someone give me a link?
  13. TL-191: Battle of Camp Hill, etc., Historically Feasible?

    As I would presume that most of us know, the PoD for Turtledove's magnum opus is that the three Union soldiers who found Lee's Special Order 191 in OTL did not find it in TL-191; such being the case, McClellan was unable to surprise Lee at Antietam, and was instead surprised by Lee at Camp Hill...
  14. Petike

    Serious speculation: Are there "Downfall"-style parodies in TL-191 ?

    OK, this idea sounds completely stupid, but do you think the analogue of YouTube, BlipTV or other such OTL sites existing in TL 191 hosts "Featherstone reviews", made from clips of a Downfall-style movie drama ? :D Given how TL 191 goes to absurd lenghts at mirroring OTL, I wouldn't be...