1. Zorqal

    Our Fallen Heroes: The Story of an Alternate America
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Thanks to @SargentHawk for making the titlecard! Our Fallen Heroes: The Story of an Alternate America In 1783, the United States of America was still young, fresh out of a victory in the Revolutionary War. However, in that short two year span, the fledgling nation had already been tested. The...
  2. The Co-Operative Commoner

    The Third Triumvirate - A Timeline

    Welcome, dear reader, to The Third Triumvirate: My first foray into the world of alternate history, or at least on this website! With a focus on the rise and fall of Rome, the intended stretch of time will be from 40 BC to the Renaissance. Also, I'd like to give credit to Ares96, (who in turn...
  3. Mental_Wizard

    The Holy Roman Empire of the French Nation Timeline

    https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/ahc-a-valois-holy-roman-emperor.407521/ The thread that started my idea. Apologies if there are similar threads I did not credit: I only derived this idea from the above thread. @The Undead Martyr The guy that started this thread. Hope you are ok...
  4. Gorrister

    Crestfallen Hope: Crisis in the Networking Decade

    "Fear is a motivator, and we are not fear-mongers" - Nancy Pelosi ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . Get on with it! Very well!
  5. Ivoshafen

    The Prussian Revolution: Reborn

    The Prussian Revolution 1849 March On waking to an oddly sunny city of Berlin, many could have assumed the day would bring its fair share of oddities. This mindset would have been further justified by the string of revolutions that have shaken the Old World and its ancient feudal...
  6. kasumigenx

    Batavia - A Dutch Timeline

    Batavia – A Dutch Timeline The peaceful alliance of Qing and Ming Emperor Chongzhen decides to ally with the Manchus to prevent Li Zhicheng from winning. He would arrange an alliance with the Manchu, having his daughter, ZhaoRen married to the Shunzhi Emperor of the Manchus. A Treaty of...
  7. Most Dangerous USA VP

    What this thread is asking about is what Vice President of the United States would do the most damage to the USA if they somehow became president without being elected as president. This also applies to people who went on to become president later by being elected on the top of the ticket. It...
  8. Planet of Hats

    Moonlight in a Jar: An Al-Andalus Timeline
    Threadmarks: ACT I: Hisham II and al-Mughira

    With thanks to XanXar for rekindling my interest in actually sharing my first honest-to-goodness TL publicly, and more broadly to everyone who's discussed al-Andalus on these forums over the years for leaving behind a massive body of discussion to trawl through over the past several months, and...
  9. Dinosaur Reign: The Story of the Toronto Raptors Dynasty
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    The history of the NBA has been defined by dynasties. The formula for creating a dynasty in the NBA is simple: draft a couple of MVP candidates, and then find solid role players that complement them. The Minneapolis Lakers first did this in the early 1950's, around George Mikan and Slater...
  10. Zulufoxtrot

    The Death of Porfirio Díaz

    Porfirio Díaz, President of Mexico b.1830 - d.1908 The death of Porfirio Díaz marked the end of an era for Mexico, and guaranteed that the election of 1910 would be one for the history books. As opposed to the elections that marked the Porfiriato, 1910 would see legitimate, and substantial...
  11. Sabot Cat

    Victory for Chinese Democracy (A Global Wikipedia-Style TL with Daily Updates)

    VICTORY FOR CHINESE DEMOCRACY A Global Wikipedia-Style Timeline with Daily Updates PART I: 1947-1952 Regional Focus: Eastern and Southeastern Asia Chinese Revolution of 1947 The Chinese Revolution of 1947, named the Thirty-Six Revolution domestically because it occurred on the 36th...
  12. Keynes' Cruisers
    Threadmarks: Preamble

    Preamble This is a riff that owes a lot to half a dozen timelines that have been a source of great entertainment and thought for me. I am stealing shamelessly structure, ideas and plot points from The Whale has Wings, Pacific War Redux, April 1942 Alternate Indian Ocean, A True and Better...
  13. Veranius

    The Pig War: A TL
    Threadmarks: 1 - Part 1

    Hello people! I've been a fan of AH.com for a while now, and I felt I should contribute with some ideas of my own. I am a junior in high school about to go into AP testing while simultaneously working towards Eagle in Boy Scouts. I am interested in history, so alternate history seems like a fun...
  14. shiftygiant

    A Better Tomorrow: An Election Night Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    +X+ "The Choice The choice before the electors today is not just between policies and programmes. It is about the way of life our country shall follow in the next five years, and far beyond that. In purely practical terms, it is a choice between another five years of the kind of incompetent...
  15. EmperorOfTheNorthSea

    Vinland, the Land of Wealth and Ambition
    Threadmarks: 1

    My TL, at first out one of my favorite Alternate History discussions, Vinland. Enjoy, and please excuse my poor grammar and lack of knowledge on Norse naming, and please also forgive my lack of the use of Nordic characters as I'm just going to anglicize it both to be easier on me and people who...
  16. Zagan

    "Io Mihailŭ, Împĕratul Românilor" - A Michael the Brave Romania Wank
    Threadmarks: Part One: The Birth and Growth of Romania

    Io Mihailŭ, Împĕratul Românilor Io Michael, Emperor of the Romanians A Michael the Brave Romania Wank a.k.a. RomaniaWank Version 2. Part One The Birth and Growth of Romania (Very) Short Synopsis: On 9 August 1601, Michael the Brave (Mihai Viteazul) had a dream that changed the World...
  17. Zagan

    Romania Wank
    Threadmarks: Title

    RomaniaWank (first edition) Notes: 1. This is my first TimeLine. 2. It does not conform with the usual expectations of the AH community. 3. It has attracted a lot of flames. 4. The actual TL starts here. Hi. I have never written any alternative history before, though I have written a novel...
  18. Pkmatrix

    The Walking Tank

    This is an idea I've had for a little while, and as it's the first real attempt at an AH timeline I'm very much looking for criticism and help here. I know the concept of a "walking tank" is a difficult engineering problem and I'm probably assuming a lot by having the "walking" part solved so...
  19. Petike

    Your favourite female characters from TLs or AH books

    Discuss. (Yeah, I personally can't make up my mind on who could be my favourite.)