1. Economic consequences of a truck bomb attack against Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange

    As a result of the July 7, 2005 suicide bombings on the London Underground and an intercity bus, in addition to dozens killed and hundreds injured, the value of the British pound fell to a 19-month low against the US dollar and the FTSE 100 fell 200 points for the two hours after the first...
  2. Gnomepilled

    AHC Terrorism still has a positive connotation

    Terrorism historically has had a positive connotation. It was coined to refer to the policies of the French Revolution. It was also liked by anarchists and communists alike.
  3. Gnomepilled

    Gta3 cancelled after 9/11

    After 9/11 gta3 was almost cancelled. The reason why is because Rockstar offices were right next to the wtc. Just for you to know Vice City was in development at the time so there still would have been a Gta 3.
  4. KuboCaskett

    WI: Real Life Spectre-Cobra like organization?

    Recent news about proxy groups this and proxy groups (especially ones involving Iran) got me thinking about how would a fictional organization on par with the likes of Spectre of James Bond and Cobra of GI Joe in fiction function in reality? Sure, one can point to the example of Wagner Group...
  5. dskdev

    Dubrovka Theater Tragedy What Ifs

    This subject has been plaguing my mind recently so I've decided to ask. The use of the anesthetic gas (from most sources I've read it was some sort of fentanyl derivative) was the cause of most of the casualties of the Moscow Hostage Crisis in 2002. What if the gas was never used? Would the...
  6. KuboCaskett

    Alt Terrorist Incidents Post-1945?

    While people talk about possible conflicts during and after the Cold War (especially a certain Third World War), what's been missing out are ones regarding terrorist (or "freedom fighter") incidents that may or may not involve hostages, especially as they became more prominent after 1972 with...
  7. AHC/WI: Bavarian Separatist Terrorism

    With the most recent pod after 1900, how can we get a Bavarian separatist terrorist organization active by 2020? Depending on the pod, what methods would they use, what would their targets be, and would they have any chance at successfully breaking off from Germany?
  8. wasp_

    AHC/WI: Terrorism/Political instability in Japan (Shōwa era, Heisei era and Reiwa era)

    The challenge is to make this development happen after WW2 You may choose any PoD as back in the Meiji era
  9. SunKing105

    WI: Reagan's bombing kills Gaddafi?

    On April 15th, 1986, in retaliation for the West Berlin discotheque bombing, Reagan ordered airstrikes against Libya, for "supporting terrorism", in Operation El Dorado Canyon. Qaddafi was not injured, but an adopted daughter, Hana Gaddafi, was reported to have died, athough there are doubts...
  10. alexandrosIII

    WI: American Airlines Flight 11 is armed with a stolen 40 kiloton Pakistani atom bomb

    According to Nukemap blast would be enough to obliterate Wall Street, the rest of the Financial District, and the NY Fed too, and it would even cause mild damage to buildings as far away as the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden. It would be too high for any fallout, but the short...
  11. 9/11 never happens

    POD: The hijackers die in a car crash. September 11, 2001: Comes and goes like any other day. November 12, 2001: The nation is shocked by the deadliest aviation disaster since 1979 when American flight 587 crashes in New York killing 265 people and one dog. December 2, 2001: Enron files for...
  12. coffeebreakcigarette

    119 : Twin Suns Taboo
    Threadmarks: The Day of Three Suns

    DECLASSIFIED CONVERSATION BETWEEN FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES POWELL AND AMBASSADOR TO PERU JOHN RANDLE HAMILTON CP : "Hello Mister Hamilton" JRH : "Good day to you, Secretary of State" [DEEP BREATH, PROBABLY JHR] CP : "I am in an important meeting right now, Ambassador. It must...
  13. What if 9.11 never happened?

    Some claim that right wing populism both in the US and in Europe got a shot in the arm on 9.11.01. Because prior to 9.11.01 right wing populism both in Europe and US was a most fringe of society. But after 9.11 many of said populist parties in Europe like Front National, AFD, Danish Peoples...
  14. Kerguelen

    WI: The Original Plan For 9/11 Went Through?

    During my visit the 9/11 memorial, a tour guide told me that the original plans for 9/11 would've also targeted attractions across both coasts of America. Naturally, I was curious and after doing a bit of research on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's original plans for the terror attacks, I found out...
  15. AH Challenge: McCain Presidency 2012-17 after Dean Presidency

    There's no dean scream here folks, he wins it and takes the White House by storm. His foreign policy is unprecedented, and so are his domestic policies for an entire eight years. Then McCain swoops in with his own agenda just as Islamic extremist terrorism is bearing its ugly head once again in...
  16. JustinianTheGrand

    AHC: Create a realistic "Through Darkest Europe" style timeline.

    Harry Turtledove's book "Through Darkest Europe" has, in my opinion, a very unrealistic pod. In the novel, the Islamic world is very liberal and democratic and Europe is a hotbed for Christian fundamentalism and terrorism. The issue is not the events themselves but the pod that led to them. The...
  17. Kerguelen

    Live and Let Live: A Red Indonesia and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Wait, what’s this? This was inspired by my previous timeline with a similar premise. If you haven’t read it, this timeline going to show the effects of a communist uprising in Indonesia during the 1960s, which in our timeline was prevented down thanks to a certain General Suharto. What I want...
  18. Frank Hart

    AHC: All major nations agree to punish terrorists with death penalty

    With a PoD no earlier than the Lockerbie Bombing in 1988, create a scenario in which all people who commit terrorism after any certain date receive a mandatory death sentence in all of Eurasia, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Algeria...
  19. Revolution & Revanchism: A Rejection & Revenge sequel

    I'm posting a prologue to set the mood for my sequel and give everyone an idea of where I plan to take this story while I work on cleaning up the original and adding some content for publication. I am so grateful for the people I met writing this story, for all the feedback, for the Turtledove...
  20. WI: Terrorist attack during Bush's 2001 State of the Union?

    What if a terrorist, using a low-yield nuclear device or above extremely powerful bomb, attacked the Capitol during Bush's 2001 SotU, killing everyone inside. The designated survivor was Secretary of Veteran's Affairs, Anthony Principi. He seems like a boring, average kind of guy. Funnily...