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  1. WI: Robert La Follette joins TR's Progressive party.

    Robert Marion "Fighting Bob" La Follette Sr is one of the most prominent politicians ever to come out of Wisconsin. Having already represented the state in the house and serving two full terms as Governor (and being elected to a third) he was elected to the Senate in 1905. While he would have a...
  2. Oba Cahokia

    WI: The Land Value Tax was implemented by Theodore Roosevelt?

    Henry George and his idea of the Land Value Tax was incredibly popular and unintentionally sparked the Progressive Era. One of the people influenced by his book 'Progress and Poverty' was Theodore Roosevelt. What if during his presidency he actually believed and got a LVT bill (containing a Land...
  3. AltoRegnant

    Could Teddy Roosevelt Have Mediated WW1?

    A negotiated peace in ww1 is an old debate, and the general conclusion seems to be "no one liked wilson enough for american mediation and were too angry to directly negotiate." But there's one president who was much more respectable and had a history of mediation for European affairs. Teddy...
  4. Bomster

    How can Teddy Roosevelt win in 1912?

    In American politics, being a third party is difficult. Historically a two party system, the United States has rarely had a third party find success in elections, and when they do that party typically takes the place of another in the duopoly. In 1912, a split in the Republican Party led to a...
  5. The Last Romantic: Beyond An Alternate 1912 Election
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Lion Returns

    This Day in History: October 24th, 1912, The New York Times. Published October 24th, 2012. On this day, 100 years ago, former President Theodore Roosevelt would be shot and nearly killed by saloonkeeper John Flemming Schrank. He would promptly suspend his campaign, after giving a 90 minute...
  6. A New Dawn (The Progressive Century)

    It was a February evening and Teddy Roosevelt the popular progressive president stood on the stage, his cheery demeanor as bright as ever and his mustache as vibrant as the sun. He gave a hardy laugh before continuing his speech. “I am glad that we were able to achieve a great electoral reform...
  7. Nicaragua gets canal, not Panama. Effects on Central America?

    Suppose in 1902 the lobbying for a Panamanian canal fails and Congress chooses Nicaragua instead. The president of Nicaragua at this time was Jose Santos Zelaya Lopez, an energetic and talented man with dreams of reuniting all of Central America into one nation. From the little I know about him...
  8. Duke Andrew of Dank

    My own US TL Planning Thread

    Simply put, I have been pondering several ideas for a USA TL timeline of my own. So far, I intend to include: - Racial Integration happening in the 1800s. - The British Empire evolving in to the Commonwealth sooner than OTL. - An alternate World War 1 with the US entering sooner. - A possible...
  9. Goweegie2

    A Post-Valkist World - Führerreich to the Present Day
    Threadmarks: Main Page

    This thread is going to be a collection of maps, infoboxes (mostly infoboxes), and other graphics from a disorganized continuation of the Führerreich timeline I'm doing. This will work in the same way to @Kanan's excellent timeline on this forum, as well as @Planita13's equally excellent...
  10. jack_donaghy_is_the_shado

    TL 191 DBWI: What if TR hadn't won a third term and stomped the snake?

    It's awkward for me to remember that my birthday is the death date for one of my heroes and favorite presidents, Theodore Roosevelt. "Death had to take him sleeping. For if Roosevelt had been awake, there would have been a fight." -- Senator Thomas Marshall (D-IN) January 8th 1923 TR was not...
  11. McPherson

    “Another Splendid Mess You Got Us Into, Teddy!”
    Threadmarks: Chapter I

    “Another Splendid Mess You Got Us Into, Teddy!” Ever Wonder How Teddy Roosevelt Kicked Off WW I? Prologue: As Europe entered its Post Napoleonic Peace due in large part to the Congress of Vienna, things started to turn increasingly ugly in the western hemisphere. The Empire that was Spain...
  12. Would a Teddy Roosevelt win in 1912 and 1916 avert the Great Depression?

    Title ^. If Teddy Roosevelt won in 1912 and 1916, either under his Progressive Party or as part of the GOP, and World War I still occurred. Would the Great Depression be averted?
  13. WI President Taft is assassinated during a visit to Mexico?

    In 1909, Mexican President Porfirio Diaz requested a summit with US President William Taft in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Diaz aimed to demonstrate US support for his run for re-election, and Taft hoped to protect US investments from political instability in Mexico. The summit...
  14. AHC/WI: Teddy Roosevelt wins in 1912 on the Progressive ticket.

    Much has been written about Teddy Roosevelt winning the Republican nomination in 1912, but is it possible to get him as president on the Progressive ticket? I imagine that this would require a different Democratic candidate and potentially a scandal. Is there any way this could be done...
  15. Rorke

    A Bull Moose in Office

    I am starting a TL about what if Roosevelt won in 1912 and brought the US into WWI early.
  16. Bomster

    Roosevelt at Versailles?

    Assuming that Roosevelt defeats Taft in the primaries and runs as a Republican in 1912, going on to win the election, and serving for two more terms, how would this affect America’s involvement in WW1 and what kind of Treaty of Versailles could emerge from having Roosevelt be president instead...
  17. Bomster

    AHC: Have Roosevelt and the Progressives win the 1912 Election

    I know that it would be difficult, maybe even a little ASB, for Roosevelt to win in 1912 under the Progressive Party, but using all of your historical resources and all the butterflies you can make Roosevelt and the Progressives win the 1912 presidential election.