1. WI: USA begins naming typhoons and hurricanes before 1940s/1950s

    As many of us know, tropical cyclones worldwide are named to reduce confusion with communicating between forecasters and the general public. In the late 19th century, Australian weather forecaster Clement Wragge began informally naming them with letters from the Greek alphabet, South Sea Island...
  2. KingOnTheEdge

    Earliest Animation?

    OTL, as i understand it, animation was super early in the twentieth century. But how early is it possible? Guilded Age? Progressive Era in the US? what might some effects be of this medium arising decades earlier?
  3. Gukpard

    Could cellphones be created in the 1920s and mass produced from the 30s on?

    Now, something I never understood quite right why cellphones showed up so late. I remember watching a mid 1970s anime and one of the characters took a small radio that worked exactly like a modern cellphone, but still the cellphone only became widespread on the late 90s or even the 2000s in...
  4. AHC: Prevent the European Industrial and Scientific Revolution with a post-1600 POD

    Many depictions of European advancement seem to lump together post-Medieval European advancement as a straight path to modern technology and science. As if "we got rid of pesky feudal lords and Medieval thinking patterns, had Protestantism allow merchants, and had Leonardo Da Vinci envision...
  5. From which point on did OTL become a Eurowank?

    What was the main OTL event and/or time period which finally sealed that Europeans will ultimately conquer and spread their culture and way of life across the globe? What was the latest POD when this could've been easily prevented?
  6. AHC/WI: No Protestant Reformation

    How do you think European (and later American) history could have progressed if Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other Reformers would have been butterflied away? When encountering these debates on online forums, I've read pretty mixed-bag responses. A Catholic for example told me, that a Moon...
  7. woodmr

    Alternate/Earlier Path to Computing

    Specifically: moveable print and typewriters (precursors to word processing today) seem to thrive in OTL due to Western adoption of a standard alphabet. The Chinese actually had woodblock printing but it was unweidly due (as I understand it) to the extensive character set of their writing...
  8. WI: Native American ironworking

    I recently posted a thread asking why Native Americans never developed ironworking independently. Now I'd like to ask: what if they did?
  9. Why did Native Americans never develop ironworking?

    As far as I know, Native Americans never independently developed ironworking. Why is that?
  10. Gunpowder: how early could it be developed?

    How early could gunpowder have been invented?
  11. How early could photography technology be developed?

    Would you say it's possible for photography to be developed significantly earlier than it was IOTL?
  12. Possibilities for post-industrial technology to be "stuck" at a certain level?

    Is it possible for example for an OTL-like timeline to develop VHS, but never develop DVD? Develop audio cassettes, but never develop mp3?
  13. Earliest possible telescope?

    While there are claims that it was invented earlier, the first record of a telescope comes from the Dutch Republic in 1608. How early could the telescope have been invented?
  14. WI The Western Industrial Revolution failed

    What if just like previous developments towards an industrial level of production, like the Roman proto-industrial developments, and the later Song Chinese advancements, the Western European trials towards an Industrial civilization have also been a failure, the late 18th century push towards...
  15. Improved wood for aircraft ?

    I seen the discussion related to improved wood (actually wood-phenolic plastic composites with phenolic contents above plywood) in Improved wood (densified wood, engineered wood) was advocated for fighter production...
  16. AHC : How pre-1900 technologies could have been pushed further while remaining realistic?

    The idea behind this comes from a fair amount of tropes found in steampunk that are way beyond plausibility ("oh Zeppelins everywhere in 1890..."), but nevertheless show that there is potential in a lot of technologies of the time. The topic in itself is fairly broad, since it can cover any...
  17. perfectgeneral

    What if: Green lives and publishes Kant in English 1786 onward? Could the early publication of his works bring Kants philosophy to the fore in Britain? OTL published in English only in 1900, how could Georgian and Victorian Britain have differed? Might Kant have been taught comparatively alongside Hume...
  18. Don't Lick that Stamp . . .

    What if the U.S. Postal Service decided to provide an E-Mail for every citizen, Ie. JohnSmith2468@USPS.USA. As a follow up they set about using telephone poles as wifi hotspots across the country? Basically someone at the post office early on goes "E-Mail? Hmmmmm, Mail . . ., Wait! That's Us!"...
  19. Real world possibilities for schizo-tech.

    So I was interested in why alternate tech pathways are rarely used in alternate history. LTTW and "A martian stranded on earth" are prominent examples of alternate technologies used in alt-hist. Some things I was interested in were wired music, eugenic breeding of animals for task (purposely...
  20. Gabzcervo

    The True Divided Nation: History of the World
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    FOREWORD In this pursuit of knowledge, historians have long debated among themselves over the interpretations of historical events. This knowledge finds itself in an existing manner and the grand enlightenment would have been thrived more but there's more making their event as a fact while...