1. AHC: Viable Tsar Tank

    Your challenge is to make the infamous Tsar Tank viable as a weapon of war.
  2. Vylon Disigma

    Question: what are some post industrial Inventions that are possible without industry?

    As in the title, I am interested in what inventions , technology and discoveries would still be possible without an industrial revolution. i.e. without machines, precision manufacturing, or engines. Name as many as you can; I find it hard to think of many, but certainly invention would not...
  3. Most advanced level of technology possible without Industrialization?

    What is the most advanced level of technology that is possible to reach for a society which never Industrializes? Something like France under the Revolution and Napoleon (1780-1820-ish tech level)?
  4. Development of computers without the World Wars?

    Let's assume that WW1 and WW2 are somehow avoided. How do you see computers developing? Do you believe that the field would lag behind compared to its OTL counterpart? Is it possible that the opposite is true, that the field could be even further along in certain scenarios? Ultimately, how...
  5. Effects of "No Black Death" on European Industrialization?

    Do you think the Industrial Revolution could have happened earlier in Europe if the Black Death didn't strike in the 1300s? By the 1300s, Medieval Europe was a very advanced and well-organized civilization. The knowledge of Western European monasteries, and the engineering expertise of the...
  6. AHC/WI: By 1492, the Americas are at an OTL 1750-1800-ish European tech level

    Is this plausible or ASB? When Columbus reaches America in 1492 he comes across a technologically advanced civilization, similar to Captain Cook in the Green Antarctica timeline when he becomes the first non-Tsalal to reach Antarctica. The Natives in this TL aren't industrial and don't know...
  7. WI: University of Chicago and Northwestern merged in the 30's, and other mergers

    I was reading some Wiki articles on the University of Chicago and found out that in the thirties, there was a proposal to merge it with Northwestern into the "Universities of Chicago" due to financial difficulties during the Great Depression. This is extremely interesting to me, as both...
  8. WI: USA begins naming typhoons and hurricanes before 1940s/1950s

    As many of us know, tropical cyclones worldwide are named to reduce confusion with communicating between forecasters and the general public. In the late 19th century, Australian weather forecaster Clement Wragge began informally naming them with letters from the Greek alphabet, South Sea Island...
  9. KingOnTheEdge

    Earliest Animation?

    OTL, as i understand it, animation was super early in the twentieth century. But how early is it possible? Guilded Age? Progressive Era in the US? what might some effects be of this medium arising decades earlier?
  10. Gukpard

    Could cellphones be created in the 1920s and mass produced from the 30s on?

    Now, something I never understood quite right why cellphones showed up so late. I remember watching a mid 1970s anime and one of the characters took a small radio that worked exactly like a modern cellphone, but still the cellphone only became widespread on the late 90s or even the 2000s in...
  11. AHC: Prevent the European Industrial and Scientific Revolution with a post-1600 POD

    Many depictions of European advancement seem to lump together post-Medieval European advancement as a straight path to modern technology and science. As if "we got rid of pesky feudal lords and Medieval thinking patterns, had Protestantism allow merchants, and had Leonardo Da Vinci envision...
  12. From which point on did OTL become a Eurowank?

    What was the main OTL event and/or time period which finally sealed that Europeans will ultimately conquer and spread their culture and way of life across the globe? What was the latest POD when this could've been easily prevented?
  13. AHC/WI: No Protestant Reformation

    How do you think European (and later American) history could have progressed if Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other Reformers would have been butterflied away? When encountering these debates on online forums, I've read pretty mixed-bag responses. A Catholic for example told me, that a Moon...
  14. woodmr

    Alternate/Earlier Path to Computing

    Specifically: moveable print and typewriters (precursors to word processing today) seem to thrive in OTL due to Western adoption of a standard alphabet. The Chinese actually had woodblock printing but it was unweidly due (as I understand it) to the extensive character set of their writing...
  15. WI: Native American ironworking

    I recently posted a thread asking why Native Americans never developed ironworking independently. Now I'd like to ask: what if they did?
  16. Why did Native Americans never develop ironworking?

    As far as I know, Native Americans never independently developed ironworking. Why is that?
  17. Gunpowder: how early could it be developed?

    How early could gunpowder have been invented?
  18. How early could photography technology be developed?

    Would you say it's possible for photography to be developed significantly earlier than it was IOTL?
  19. Possibilities for post-industrial technology to be "stuck" at a certain level?

    Is it possible for example for an OTL-like timeline to develop VHS, but never develop DVD? Develop audio cassettes, but never develop mp3?
  20. Earliest possible telescope?

    While there are claims that it was invented earlier, the first record of a telescope comes from the Dutch Republic in 1608. How early could the telescope have been invented?