technological progress

  1. Brita

    Earlier development of solar power

    Admittedly, I don't have a scientific mind. Every person who had the misfortune to try and explain mathematics, physics and chemistry to me will tell you so.:winkytongue: However, I've been toying with the idea of an alt-world (POD in the 12th century) in which solar power would've been used...
  2. Paladín Wulfen

    Elysium..., a Roman America TL
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    Paladin Wulfen Productions presents... Elysium..., to Roman America. A production that will try to last as long as the support it receives. Although this production uses recycled material from a previously made one, it is focused with greater dedication and exploration apart from a greater use...
  3. (military) technological progress without WW 2

    This thread is not about discussing the notion of whether or not war is a social and technological catalyst. I personally believe WW II, apart from advancements in specific fields, was a net loss given that 50-60 million people died and the famines, genocides, political instability, civil wars...