tech transfer

  1. coffeebreakcigarette

    AHC : Technology Advanced As Ridley Scott's Blade Runner & Alien By The 1980s/1990s Or Like Fallout 1,2,3,4

    With a POD starting the first of January 1900, you have to make a world where technology is advanced like the 2020s of Ridley Scott Blade Runner and/or Alien or like the Fallout series. Excluding replicants.
  2. Nightingale

    If all countries became tiger economies post-WWII, by how many years will tech be advanced?

    In my "Onward March of Freedom" TL in the signature, I desire to turn all countries, especially the ones from the OTL developing world, into highly-developed Tiger economies like South Korea and Taiwan, which were really poor post-WWII, but are now very rich. In this scenario, I know tech will...