1. GameBawesome

    Superheroes and Super Villains for the Craziest ASB Countries

    Basically, make up a comic superhero or super heroine or team or super villain(s) for the craziest ASB countries like for example and include: Aztec Empire Holy Roman Empire Mughal Empire Confederate states of America Republic of Venice Ming dynasty Russian Empire Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth...
  2. QTXAdsy

    Nothing to Lose: Scotland at the 1950 World Cup
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Stubborness

    Chapter 1: Stubbornness “Nope, not happening in a million years!” That’s was all what George Graham, SFA Secretary, would say to anyone when questioned if Scotland were going to play in the World Cup in Brazil. He then says other various excuses why they team won’t go from reasons such as...