spanish revolution

  1. Onerom

    Nobody Expects: The Spanish Revolution
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    Nobody Expects For some time I've been following (and, of course, enjoying) some of the great graphic timelines of this forum: Kanan's Our Fair Country, LeinadB93's Hail, Britannia, KaiserEmu's Of Droughts and Flooding Rains and Planita13's A Shining Valley; and I have felt the impulse to try...
  2. St. Just

    AH Vignette: Sunset of the Portuguese

    SUNSET OF THE PORTUGUESE CALM BEFORE THE STORM Ribeira Palace, Lisbon, 23 October 1755 Even in the gaudy depths of the baroque Ribeira Palace, one could hear the Spanish army celebrating, even as they besieged Lisbon. 7 years before, the people of Toledo had seized the Castle of St. Servando...