southern victory

  1. Eonex

    Is Harry Turtledove's TL-191 worth it?

    I'm looking for a new series to start reading. I had this on my Reading List since a long of time and I think is time to get it since Christmas is near. I always wanted to dig more in the American Civil War since it's an important topic in Alternate History. But I want to know, should I dig more...
  2. JustinianTheGrand

    TL-191: What if the Red Rebellion succeeded?

    In the Southern Victory series the Red Rebellion is an uprising of black confederates who rose up in 1915. About 10% of the blacks in the CSA participated and they caused serious damage to the confederates in the process especially with US support. So what i'm wondering is, what would be the...
  3. JustinianTheGrand

    [Timeline 191][DBWI] What if the Red Rebellion succeeded?

    While this is incredibly unlikely and verging on ASB I want to give a scenario that has been discarded hundreds of times another closer look. The Red Rebellion was a massive uprising of black people in the CSA that shook the nation while it was attempting to battle the USA. While the uprising...
  4. To Live and Die in Dixie - A Communist Confederacy TL
    Threadmarks: Introductions

    So, I've been a member of this forum for almost a decade now. During that time I've served in the military, graduated college, and worked as a reporter and freelance writer of some middling success. During that same decade on this forum, I've done a lot of posts and comments, but never an...
  5. Antonio the Komnenoi

    WI: Would this PoD win the Civil war for the Confederacy ?

    The point of divergence from our timeline starts at the Battle of Shiloh: Ulysses S. Grant is shot at the Battle of Shiloh by friendly fire, while General Johnston is not injured. Instead, he leads the Confederate forces into capturing Pittsburgh landing by the night and routing the army of...
  6. GameBawesome

    William Walker's Nicaragua after a Confederate Victory

    William Walker was a Filibuster, who tried to reintroduce slavery in areas where he go, like Sonora, Baja California, and Nicaragua. He became President of Nicaragua in 1856 and ruled until 1857, when he was defeated by a coalition of Central American armies, helped by Vanderbilt (Walker...
  7. ComradePolka

    Hawaiian Campaign in TL-191

    Does anyone know if there were any details within the “Great War” series about the American conquest of Hawaii (besides the Battle of Pearl Harbor and the take-over there, as seen from Sam Carsten’s view)?
  8. GameBawesome

    The political party in the USA after a Southern Victory

    With a starting time around after 1860s to the 20th century. If the South manage to get foreign backing, and won the Civil war, what political party has the chance to become dominant in USA?
  9. weaverj

    TL 191 HOI4 Mod Update and Discussion Thread

    So, very recently, I have become a de facto member of the Team working on a TL 191 mod for Hearts of Iron 4! My main job is to give ideas and use my Vast Knowledge and Passion for the World of TL 191 to help out in the creation of the World for the Mod, and even suggest Ideas to fill the Gaps...
  10. TL 191. Character Descriptions

    I'd really like to know what some of the characters looked like in the Southern Victory Series. Feel free to use photos of actors.
  11. weaverj

    TL-191 Post-War Military Tech and Uniforms

    One of two TL-191 related Threads I had in mind. After 1944, how would one imagine Military Tech and Uniforms of this TL evolving as time goes on. I specifically refer to the three main powers of America, Germany, and Japan. What kind of Weapons and Uniforms would be common in these modern...
  12. Alterwright

    TL-191: Rivals - Confederates, Yankees, and the Banana Wars - 1900-1914, 1917-1939

    For clarification, this thread is intended to generate discussion on specific time periods framed within Harry Turtledove's TL-191 "Southern Victory" series, in which the Confederate States of America win the Civil War and become their own nation. Although the small wars in the Caribbean and...
  13. weaverj

    TL 191 DBWI: Which Timelines on this site do you reccomend?

    Howdy Y'all! I am CarpenterH and I am new to this site. I was wondering which TLs on this site are considered "the best" and reccomend for those interested in Counterfactual History, such as myself(1)? I've read the Novelization of "The European-Confederate War" and "Decisive Darkness" already...
  14. Incanian

    Timeline 191 WI Jake Featherstone never exists?

    Say Fetherstone dies during the Union advance, and without the two black soldiers, he is shot and killed in battle. What happens to the future of the Confederacy, and the World?
  15. Historyman 14

    TL-191 WI: Union keeps fighting after Camp Hill.

    As it says. Let's say the CSA, even after its decisive victory and occupying Philadelphia, it still does not gain the diplomatic recognition from the United Kingdom and France. At the same time, even with the lost of Camp Hill, Abraham Lincoln still goes forward with the Emancipation...
  16. Incanian

    Harry Turtledove WI Second Mexican War Turns into World war I

    Is there any chance for the Second Mexican war to turn into an early World war I in the Southern Victory Series? What would it look like? If there's a chance, is there a way we could come up with a POD, and the events of such a war?
  17. Incanian

    Harry Turtledove Southern Victory WI Confederates, and Entente win The great War?

    So For those who have read Southern victory American Front, Walk in Hell, and Breakthroughs, After Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated, and World war I started, America in the Central Powers, with the German Empire, Austro-Hungarian empire, along with later the Ottoman empire, and Bulgarian...
  18. Incanian

    Southern victory Effets in China

    So I was reading Harry turtledoves Great war Southern victory series, I got interested in the World of the Southern victory instead of being isolated in America. So I got interested more about the Far East in a Southern Victory. First I was interested in China, who still is under the rule of the...
  19. CSA Victory Question

    Please forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I'm of the opinion that the reason people start new threads on old topics is because it's pretty much painful trawling through pages and pages of discussion to find the talking points one is actually interested in. So, putting aside the...