1. GameBawesome

    Discussion: Which Southern States could've remained loyal to the Union?

    As we know, when President Lincoln won the election of 1860, seven states seceded from the United States of America before Lincoln's inauguration, forming the Confederate States of America, and then when fighting commenced, four more Southern States seceded and joined the CSA as well. There also...
  2. A more industrialized American South?

    With a POD after 1800, how can large industrial complexes like the Tredegar Iron Works become a more common sight in the south of the United States? IIRC there was a plan to establish a similar (if smaller) factory in Birmingham, Alabama, but AFAIK the project never went ahead. How would a South...
  3. Fremontian Fracas: An Earlier American Civil War

    Let's say Fremont wins in 1856, and the South secedes shortly thereafter due to fear of Fremont taking action against slavery. Earlier American Civil War. What changes in this earlier American Civil War? Does the end result stay the same? Any generals that are more or less prominent?
  4. GameBawesome

    Cuisine of the Confederate States of America

    This is seems like a minor idea, but I’m curious about. In a POD where the Confederate States of America won independence around 1862, with international recognition from Britain and France, and war-wariness from Copperheads and Civilians of the North. So after independence of the CSA, what...
  5. Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis Vignettes

    Jefferson’s Anti-Slavery Crisis Vignettes I was originally thinking of history as a wave, with the people being carried along it. However, that merits further investigation, as individuals often have large amounts of agency in history. Often times, historical movements are the results of a...
  6. Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis: Alternate History of the U.S.
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0: Introduction, Who, What, Why

    I was always fascinated by the American Dream, and how it does not always translate to the American Reality. So I asked the question, "What if Georgia and Carolinas did not participate in the American Revolution (walked out of the Declaration of Independence convention) due to Thomas Jefferson's...
  7. Postbellum: Confederate Victory

    This scenario will look at a possible timeline where the Confederate States are successful in suceeding from the Union. The war in the Mississippi theater would largely remain the same. The Union would succeed in capturing major cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Memphis, Nashville, and...
  8. Socialism in the USA south?

    After rewatching to kill a Mockingbird and other pre-1962 dramas set in the US south, that made me think. The large majority of whites and blacks in the south were both employed in farming, and most equally poor. But still most of the white population had a massive hatred towards...
  9. The_Russian

    WI: North South California Split?

    What if in 1855 California was split along the 36 30 parallel north into north and south California with south California becoming a slave state? Would the state of Southern California secede with the south in the civil war? How would the two states develop? Would south California be as...
  10. The_Russian

    AHC: Liberal South

    With a POD of 1900 have the South be very Liberal, and be solid blue states. Is this possible? Is Florida still a swing state? Where else does the GOP go? What other effects does this have on the rest of the Union?
  11. Divided Italy in Cold War (Communist north and Capitalist south)

    So, I've been a longtime reader of the forums, and since there was no thread specifically dealing with this alternate reality (at least that i've found), I've decided to join in and make it. 1. What would it take for Italy to be divided in the cold war in a way similar to germany or korea? 2...
  12. Tempered Zen

    WI | An Earlier Confederacy

    What is the earliest point that the Southern states could secede from the Union?
  13. Nightingale

    AHC: Keep the Northeast and Midwest the largest economic center of the US

    Your challenge, with a POD just after WWII, is to fulfill what the title says. Keep the Midwest and Northeast from rusting, and the electoral college should be similar to 1952, but there are restrictions: 1. A larger US economy. 2. Open to free and fair trade. But they support downscale people...
  14. AHC: Make the US south Romance Speaking Completely.

    With a POD of 1600, make the following states romance speaking majority by the year 1900 within a state that is not Romance Speaking (so English or Dutch essentially): Arkansas Louisiane Texas Mississippi Florida Alabama Southern Georgia Bonus points with a large variety with Portuguese...
  15. Historyman 14

    Views on the South and Civil War if CSA won, but later lost

    All right. Taking notes and elements from Timeline-191 and more, the South won the Civil War (With aid from the UK and French.) and stay independent. However, when WW1 rolls around (for the sake of argument, most everything else in the world happen OTL more or less) the USA allies with Germany...