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    Look to the West Volume VII: The Eye Against the Prism
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    Quick links to previous parts Volume I: Diverge and Conquer & Volume II: Uncharted Territory Volume III: Equal and Opposite Reactions (formerly "The World Turned Upside Down") Volume IV: Cometh the Hour... Volume V: To Dream Again & Volume VI: The Death of Nations Without comments (not yet...
  2. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia
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    Separated at Birth “The story of the twentieth century is a story of two brothers separated at birth, one raised in America and one in Africa. Their father was British, their mother French, but as is always the case it was their upbringing that shaped their characters.”- Wolf Hugeson, The...
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    Look to the West Volume V: To Dream Again

    Let's get all of the links out of the way first Volumes I & II Volume III Volume IV Without comments (not yet fully updated) Laconic chronology ("Date: Stuff Happens") version And now... Look to the West A Timeline by Dr Thomas W. Anderson MSci MA (Cantab) AMRSC VOLUME FIVE: TO...