1. WI: A less successful Socialist movement in Milwaukee?

    Milwaukee had one of the most successful Socialist movements anywhere in the US, electing 3 mayors and playing a major role in city politics during the early to mid 20th century. As a Wisconsinite, I was wondering how the city could have turned out differently if the Socialists had been less...
  2. BloodAndIron

    Dance of Peasants and Kings | Socialist France in 1848

    What if Louis Blanc's socialist policy had not been a disaster? Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte still comes to power, but the socialists have much more power. Napoleon would seek out an alliance with the socialists, and Blanc would accept. The Dance of Peasants and Kings is an interesting world with a...
  3. scoopjacko

    The Quiet Revolution: A New Australia.
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: A New Labor

    A New Labor On the 30th of April 1968, a landbreaking leadership spill was decided for the Australian Labor Party with the left-wing candidate, Jim Cairns winning by a margin of only 1 ballot with a final 36-34 against previous party leader, Gough Whitlam. Now many things contributed to the...
  4. ideology symbols Thread I

    Welcome to their own ideological sign posted here
  5. 钢铁雄心KR里面的左翼意识形态标志是否欠缺了对农业劳动者的团结

    在欧洲国家,工团主义的主导权基于这些国家的发达的物质与经济社会的发展、在亚洲、在很多不发达国家、某种程度上情况更不一样。 另外 KR是不是无视了一些中国地区的工人的发展、与俄罗斯革命时期的华工力量的存在?
  6. AHC: Have the Symbionese Liberation Army launch a successful coup against the US government by 2010

    Exactly as it says on the tin. I recognize it takes many butterflies to do so, but I've more or less given a 40+ year interval in which the Symbionese Liberation Army (tiny but infamous for capturing Patty Hearst in 1973 and brainwashing her into robbing banks) can get powerful enough to launch...
  7. Bomster

    AHC: Have a socialist revolution break out in Great Britain after WW1

    As the title says, have a revolution break out in Great Britain upon or after the conclusion of the First World War. Bonus points if you have France go Red too. And extra bonus points if Germany is the victor of WW1.
  8. RedTerra

    German Military Under A Communist Germany?

    I was wondering what a German military under an earlier (No 1945-1989 East Germany) Communist German government would be like? Uniforms, leadership, performance, equipment, tactics, doctrines, etc. The big question too though is what kind of Communist Germany is it? I see a several possible...
  9. Divided Italy in Cold War (Communist north and Capitalist south)

    So, I've been a longtime reader of the forums, and since there was no thread specifically dealing with this alternate reality (at least that i've found), I've decided to join in and make it. 1. What would it take for Italy to be divided in the cold war in a way similar to germany or korea? 2...
  10. The Liberal Split (The Second One) and the 1992 election

    So, I'm thinking about doing an alternate history based on a weird game of Prime Minister Forever, where I managed to win 1 seat for the continuity Liberal Party (Michael Meadowcroft's seat). The big problem is I know literally nothing about Meadowcroft, nor the effect that Meadowcroft and...
  11. Kumarbi

    WI: Western Anarchism rises from Liberalism instead of Socialism.

    The basic idea is that one of the 19th century liberal free-trade supporters or possibly one of the 18th century French Physiocrats decides that no government sounds like a pretty good idea and coins the word "anarchism" before Proudhon. How would anarchism develop from then on? How would it...