1. Why did Yugoslavia's economy perform so well?

    Basically, this chart. I admit, the title's a bit misleading, since I'm focusing down on Slovenia and Croatia specifically (the other republics drag it down to between Hungary and Poland, though still on track to beat them before the stagnation). What's going on here? I know that the "Real...
  2. MxCokoko

    Socialism with a Human Face: A Collaborative TL

    The year is 1968. Alexander Dubcek has been chosen as First Secretary of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, and rumors have circulated that the more conservative parts of the Communist Party have asked the Soviet Union to intervene; Dubcek's radical changes appear to be heresy against the...
  3. vulpesvelox

    What would be the impacts of a British communist revolution in Scotland?

    I was thinking recently, when thinking about the topic of a British revolution of what would be the impacts in Scotland? Let's say that Britain has a communist revolution around 1919. I'm not sure how it could happen but let's just say maybe the Germans win WW1 or something like that. That's not...
  4. Oba Cahokia

    WI: TOTO or PATO instead of NATO?

    What if NATO didn't just include the European Nations but Pacific, African and Asian countries (Japan, Australia and New Zealand) to form TOTO (Trans Oceanic Treaty Organization) or PATO (Pacific Atlantic Treaty Organization) to fight against the USSR? What would have to happen to and how...
  5. Onedotman

    Lincoln the Socialist

    A scenario I've been brewing for a while: Lincoln escapes his assassination unscathed and proceeds to serve his second term. His proto-socialist views IOTL would be even more radicalized as he get to witness the plight of white laborers and freedmen alike. After finishing his presidency, Lincoln...
  6. Xænder

    Libertas per Fraternitatem - 1887 Danubian Revolution and its consequences

    In the last weeks I suddenly started writing and drawing about an ATL which the main PoD was that instead of a Soviet Union, some decades before a similar revolution won in Austria-Hungary. The main "actual" year of the ATL is 1959, and its still heavily WIP. Apart from maps of Europe, a map of...
  7. The Century of the Common Man
    Threadmarks: The War Ends

    The War Ends Henry Wallace was, for the First American Republic an unusual President, a progressive New Dealer he was to the left of much of the political establishment and easily the second most popular politician in the country, second only to his President; Franklin Roosevelt. When Roosevelt...
  8. Geopolitical ramifications of a Soviet-aligned Israel

    Title. What would be the long-term ramifications of a Soviet-aligned Israel on the web of political alliances in the Middle East? How would the nascent Jewish state's alignment with the Soviet Union affect its public image in the West, and how would it reflect on Jewish politics in Israel as...
  9. Oba Cahokia

    WI: Actual Socialist Movements adopted the Swastika instead of the Far Right?

    The Swastika is a symbol that has been used in every continent and meant as universal symbol of piece. What if was used as a symbol of or nod to the pro-Communist societies that used it?
  10. How would a possible USSR victory in the Cold War come about and result?

    With any POD (or PODs) from 1945 to 1991, what would need to happen for: - No dissolution of the Soviet Bloc or the Soviet Union - Socialism in one form or another becomes the mainstream, most common, iddeology - The USA falls in a similar way to the USSR (divided into several nations) with...
  11. ACB3C0_

    AHC: Have Spain be the first socialist country on Earth.

    I was scrolling by a few threads here since I'm intrigued at the idea of a nation like Germany, the United Kingdom, or France being the first nation to develop socialism as opposed to Russia. Then I thought about Western European nations to develop socialism first, and the two I thought were...
  12. CountofDooku

    Our Soviet Union (USSR)
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Death of Lenin

    Chapter One: Death of Lenin Born out of the ashes of the Russian Civil War in 1922, the Soviet Union was shaken by the Death of Vladimir Lenin in 1924 that ended the federal Leninist one-party socialist republic under Lenin’s totalitarian dictatorship and left many to wonder, what would come...
  13. TheDoofusUser

    What if Upton Sinclair became President?

    In 1926, Upton Sinclair ran for Governor of California as a Socialist, winning 4.02% while Businessman Justus Wardell won 24.69% and Lieutenant Governor C. C. Young, a progressive who primaried the more conservative governor Friend Richardson (a victory of 1.99%), would win the election itself...
  14. Alternative names for East Germany?

    Excluding Prussia, what could have been some alternate, other names that would have been used to represent east Germany? (Basically if it was referred to as something else rather than just East German Democratic Republic)
  15. AHC: Make Kaliningrad become independent following the collapse of the USSR while still being Russian majority

    Hello everyone! I have a challenge for you. Make Kaliningrad go independent following the collapse of the USSR while still being Russia majority, and being part of the russian SFSR prior to that.
  16. How could communist Romania have enlarged/increased its GDP?

    How could communist Romania from the 1950s to the 1980s have improved its economy and gdp? Perhaps becoming one of the largest economies in Eastern europe? (After USSR)
  17. What if Romania managed to aquire nukes in the 1980s? How would this affect the eastern bloc and the cold war?

    Romania (as the Romanian People's Republic) started a nuclear research program in 1949, focusing on radioactive isotopes in medicine and industry. Some have interpreted Romania's actions to have a dual purpose, as the military program began in 1978, jointly operated with the program for the...
  18. AHC: Redraw Soviet administrative divisions to prevent ethnic strife and future conflicts

    (reviving an old thread) By the late 1950s to early 1960s (after the repatriation of ethnicities of the Caucasus that were deported to Siberia due to Stalin's orders), re-organize and re-draw the SSRs, Republics, Oblasts, Okrugs, and other divisions of the USSR to diminish ethnic tension the...
  19. RelentlessFlowOfTime

    AHC: Socialism in Interwar Africa

    I've been looking into socialist movements during the interwar era and can't find much on it's influence in Africa. I was wondering if there was a chance for a socialist state to establish itself anywhere in Africa during the interwar period or even just a major socialist movement somewhere on...
  20. TheInnerMoon

    A People’s Alt-History: An Essay on the Fascinating Fiction of a Socialist US

    Hello everyone, Inspired by works both on and off this website, I wrote a fairly long essay about the particular AH scenario of a Socialist United States. After an initial breakdown of this premise, I move into a critical overview of some of the most prominent timelines in this category. I'm...