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  1. The Hammer and the Cross (A Norse & Carolingian tl)
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Denmark has always been on the periphery of Europe and only on a few occasions have this minor power had decisive influence on the chain of events that were to shape the fate of Europe. However one of these occasions happened in 810 and this event would reshape the entire history of Europe and...
  2. Mr_Fanboy

    In the absence of Islam, which religion becomes the primary competitor to Christianity?

    Let's keep the point of divergence simple: imagine a world where Muhammad had simply never been born. In such a scenario, what religion is most likely to be the most significant competitor to Christianity in terms of number of followers by the year 2021? Said religion does not have to garner...
  3. Saga of Fróði Ævarsson: The Norse Prophet
    Threadmarks: Part I: The first Óðr

    Part I: The first Óðr Fróði, son of Ævar, was probably born between 672 CE and 677 CE. Not much of his early life (before his Óðr) is known that isn't based on retroactive speculation some years after his death. Due to his early association with Visby, Gotland, it is assumed by most...