1. What are all the ways that Spain could've economically improved colonial South America?

    Spanish south America in its glory days was one of the biggest exporters of silver on Earth however it faced many problems especially with La Plata (modern argentina) being left quite undeveloped despite the vast farmlands, and many other problems. So what are all the ways that Spain could've...
  2. ronaldo

    If Brazil maintained its union with Portugal, how soon would slavery be abolished?

    Let's say the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves survived and Brazil continued to be the capital of the Portuguese Empire. With the passage of time the colonial empire would be more and more Brazilian than Portuguese. So how long would slavery in Brazil survive and how would it...
  3. JustinianTheGrand

    DBWI: What if the Slave Revolution of 1859 didnt happen?

    The Slave revolution started when John Brown raided the federal armory at harper's ferry. Due to sheer luck he avoided the federal troops and managed to get the arms to the slaves in the surrounding fields and formed them into an army. This eventually led to a revolt of most of the slaves in the...
  4. Caravels of Portugal

    Possible sites for procuring Asian slaves in the 17th century?

    I'm brainstorming an alternate timeline about Asian slaves in America. As other users pointed out in threads about Asian slaves, there are difficulties obtaining slaves from Asia due to many factors like tech level, cultural reasons and other things. To make the long backstory short for the...
  5. Caravels of Portugal

    WI: Trans-Pacific Slave Trade

    In the honor of having a holiday nearer, I decided to make a revival based on the first successful thread which was WI: Asian Slaves in 16th Century America. I didn't want to necro the thread because I feel it had already run its course. The hypothetical timeline when Christian missionaries and...
  6. Japan participates in the African slave trade.

    Suppose that during the Edo period, Portuguese merchants start selling African slaves to the Japanese and continues to do so until the abolition of slavery in the West. How would this affect Japan culturally and economically?
  7. The_Russian

    WI: North South California Split?

    What if in 1855 California was split along the 36 30 parallel north into north and south California with south California becoming a slave state? Would the state of Southern California secede with the south in the civil war? How would the two states develop? Would south California be as...