1. Successful defence of Singapore and the Dutch East Indies during ww2

    What would happen if the Japanese failed to capture Singapore and the Dutch East Indies during ww2. Let’s say before Pearl Harbour naval assets are transferred to Asia and more troops start arriving in the area (mainly Indians and Australians). The defence is also beefed up with more artillery...
  2. Malaya What If
    Threadmarks: Malaya What If

    My story will be about whether Britain could have held Malaya/Singapore in 1941-42. There are or have been some storylines that flirt with the question, or paint it with a broad stroke, against a background of a much bigger picture. But I want to write in more detail about how things could have...
  3. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: Malaysia had kept Singapore?

    Singapore was once part of Malaysia, but was expelled in 1964. There are several reasons behind this, including differences between the local government in Singapore and the central government in Kuala Lumpur; a bit of postcolonial/Cold War proxy politics; and ethnic, religious, and cultural...
  4. greeks colonize East indies under Ptolemy Caesarion

    Pls answer the follow up questions and like and share what if Ptolemy Caesarion instead of believing Octavian into being lured back to Egypt continues east along with all the Ptolemaic navy in Red sea to India after learning of Golden Chersonese from traders in India restock and continue to...
  5. Congo gets its own LKY

    Basically, as mentioned in the title, the Democratic Republic of the Congo gets a dictator with similar principles and philosophy (as well as ability) as Singaporean PM Lee Kuan Yew. How does the Congo develop as opposed to OTL? Is there any chance of a developed African Nation?
  6. AHC: More Modern City States

    Singapore, the Vatican, we need more city states! Where did we go wrong that prevented this from being the case? Let me know what scenarios you think could have led to the creation / survival of more city states. These can be realistic and/or creative, I just want more city states.
  7. Force Z Survives

    So this POD is that No. 453 Squadron RAAF with its 16 Buffaloes possibly assisted by No. 488 Squadron RNZAF manages to provide a rotating CAP over Force Z as it attempted to retire to Singapore on Dec 10 1941. The presence of Fighter planes - impacts the ability of the IJN Bombers to...
  8. TimTurner

    WI: Singapore stays part of Malaysia

    What happens in Malaysian politics? How is Singapore affected? Malaya? Sarawak and Sabah? Any butterflies elsewhere?
  9. Psmith

    DBWI/AHC: Britain not a superpower in the 21st Century

    Just flown back from my holiday in the Crown Colony of Singapore, it was great but also really weird to be using British currency and reading British newspapers in a city on the other side of the world from the home islands. Of course, the UK almost lost it during the Malayan Campaign of 1942...
  10. ajdb0614

    WI: Lee Kuan Yew killed during WW2; What happens to Singapore?

    Say that he gets shot by some trigger happy Kempeitai officer, killed early by a Japanese bomb or simply starved to death during a food shortage. Whatever the cause, Lee dies in wartime before he has a chance to make an impact on history. What would Singapore have looked like without his strict...
  11. WI Singapore had more islands under its soveriegnty?

    What if Singapore encompassed more than Singapore Island itself and a few outlying islands, but also included the following islands in this order; Batam, Bintan, Bulan, Rempang, Galang and Sugi. This thread has two if not more possible directions; What would Singapore be like today if all or...