silver age of comic books

  1. Joseph Weaver

    Pop Culture WI: What If Jay Garrick remained The Flash?

    Hi and I have a question that I thought would be interesting, as it's about The Flash(one of my favorite comic book superheroes). What if instead of revamping or replacing Jay Garrick with Barry Allen as The Flash for the silver age DC Comics just brought back Jay Garrick? How might this affect...
  2. Neonunknown

    Reign of Bullets, Wonder Man survives

    In Late 1939 Detective Comics, Inc. v. launched a copyright lawsuit against Fox Feature's Wonder Man which they claim was a complete copy of their Superman character. Detective had a strong case alleging Wonder Man exhibiting similar powers and characteristics (super-strength, super-speed...
  3. Silver Age comics PODs

    Again, I know there was already a thread for this, but it's dead. I think one interesting POD with some very far-reaching repercussions would be "Marvel Time" never getting introduced.