silicon valley

  1. Mr_Fanboy

    Plausible Alternate Locations for Silicon Valley

    I've seen plenty of threads asking for potential alternate locations for Hollywood (that is, the center of the film industry in the United States, and by extension the world), but what are some plausible alternate locations for *Silicon Valley? That is, regions that could have become host to the...
  2. SlyDessertFox

    WI: Yahoo Acquires YouTube

    Yahoo and Google were both in the running to acquire Google in 2006. Apparently, Yahoo and Google executives met with Youtube's founders in a Denny's. Google won out in that meeting, mostly because: But what if, for some reason, YouTube's founders decide to go with Yahoo, and it is Yahoo, and...
  3. WI: Particle Accelerator Complex constructed in Texas or California

    So SSC Desertron was a planned project to construct a Particle Accelerator Complex in Texas during the 90s but did not go through because of budget problems. I was wondering if their is a possibility of a Complex to go through but instead of being funded by the government is funded by the...