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  1. Thande

    ATTENTION AUTHORS: Sea Lion Press World War One Anthology call for story submissions!

    Crossposted from the Writer's Forum with the permission of mod @CalBear. Dear all authors of, Are you interested in the First World War? Do you like writing short stories? Do you want to combine these two interests? Sea Lion Press, the home of Alternate History Publishing (founded by...
  2. AH Vignette: The Lost City of Wasco County

    The Lost City of Wasco County A decade after the fall of Rajneesh, his disciples still eke out a living Dorothy Berry for the Free Agent, July 20, 1998 The high desert of Eastern Oregon is scattered with ghost towns. Desolate villages with names like Friend, Horse Heaven, and Cornucopia...
  3. BowOfOrion

    X-24 Orbital Test

    This is a story that I posted a few months ago on my blog "Unrealized Reality." It's a short story that references the idea of using an X-24 as a building block concept to the space shuttle. I used some ideas from David Portree's blog (tried to fit it into his Imagining Another Apollo...