1. AeroTheZealousOne

    Two Suns Shall Set: A 20th-Century TL Without Nazis
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    With limited inspiration and motivation for working on my original timeline, I've decided to work on a side-project that will cover a similar scope of time, but will be less in-depth and less detailed. Watch me screw up somewhere. Something I've had floating in my head awhile is the premise of...
  2. ETGalaxy

    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond
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    MAN-MADE HELL: THE HISTORY OF THE GREAT WAR AND BEYOND ~~Phase One~~ Chapter One: All Because of Two Bullets Chapter Two: Peace For Our Time? Chapter Three: The Sleeping Giants Chapter Four: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ~~Phase Two~~ Chapter Five: What Madness is This? Chapter Six...
  3. Capuleten

    Not Quite a Monarch: A Semi-Dystopic Timeline
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    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my very first timeline! I thought it might be fitting for the 4th of July to start on my first timeline: an American one. The format for this TL will be a mixture of dryer, more textbook-like pieces to move the story along and smaller, more personal narrative...