1. Gokturks conquer Sassanid Empire

    The Göktürk Khagan Istämi formed an alliance with the Sassanid ruler Khosrow I to defeat the Hephthalite Empire. After the Hephthalites had been conquered Istämi sent an embassy to the Sassanid Shah requesting permission for the privilege of traveling through Persian territories in order to...
  2. A Sassanid rump state in Khorasan?

    With the beginning of the Arab conquest of the Sasanian Empire from 632 AD onward, shah Yazdegerd III spent the rest of his reign constantly fleeing further and further east: first to Hulwan, then Isfahan, Istakhr and finally Merv, in Khorasan, where he was eventually murdered. Suppose the...
  3. WI/AHC: Opellian Dynasty of Rome

    Macrinus become Emperor in 217 and unfortunately had a very short reign. His goal seems to have been a return to Septimius Severus-era policies and he was left in a difficult situation due to Caracalla's reign. When one takes into account his humble origins, he comes across a compotent...
  4. Persian India

    What if any Persian Empire from achaemenids to qajars onquered India or atleast the gangetic plain How would this affect Indian and Iranian history
  5. How plausible is for the romans don’t invade Britannia and choose to conquer and annex Mesopotamia and Susiana instead?

    Exactly what says in the title. Would the romans choose to go to battle against the parthians in full force to conquer one of the most wealthy regions of the antiquity instead of just conquering a bunch of celtic tribes in Britannia?
  6. kasumigenx

    The Hunnic Empire
    Threadmarks: Atilla in Ctesiphon

    On 370, the Huns would expand south from AD 400, they would initially decide to expand South Instead which would make the Huns powerful. The Huns would join the Hepthalites in attacking the Sassanids this might have meant that the two Roman Empires would be freed from threats from the steppe...
  7. kasumigenx

    The new Pharoahs
    Threadmarks: A Change of Heart

    On 626, the Sassanid General Shahrbaraz would realize that fighting Khosrow II would destabilize Persia against either the Arabs or the Byzantines and decided that being loyal to Khosrow II rather than fight Khosrow and his own heir. The Strength of the Sassanids in Egypt and the Support of the...
  8. WI: Galerius captured Narseh at Satala

    Galerius managed to decisively defeat the Persians at the battle of Satala in eastern Anatolia in 298. His victory was so crushing, that he managed to capture most of the Sassanid royal family and entourage; Narseh however, although caught in the fighting, managed to escape eastwards and...
  9. That must be the 100000th thread about a plausible Byzantine wank, but I NEED to ask this...

    Okay, let's pretend that Justinian chose to not conquer the west for whatever reason that is (anti-barbarian sentiment, I don't know) and focus in the eastern border with Persia. The effects of the plague are less worse than OTL and the empire was able to survive the arabic conquests (but the...
  10. AHC: The Most Decentralized French Crown Possible

    With a POD in 1000 CE, create a France that is made significantly more decentralized than otl, yet without becoming a weak kingdom. We could say, that this is a challenge which seeks to see the French monarchy become as decentralized in terms of royal control over lands, yet still successful...
  11. AHC: European Dynastism

    Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to create within Europe a dynastic system of governance in regards to the relation of the nobility and the monarch. this system, is modeled primarily around the Arsacid and Sassanid systems of governance and relationship-conceptions. POD: 200 CE...
  12. WI: Sassanids conquer Roman Levant in 260s

    In one of history's many turning points, Odaenathus, the lord of Palmyra, led a patchwork army against the forces of Shapur I, the second Sassanid king, in 260 AD as it was marching back to Persia. The Persians has just won a mighty victory against the Romans, even capturing the emperor Valerian...
  13. AHD/AHQ: Assuming an Islam 'screw', what is the consensus on the fate of the Sassanid Empire

    This is a common theme on the site, however, I do not feel that it is well explored enough and we thus tend to not fully explore the situation and comprehend the radical changes with which Islam brought into the geopolitical scene of Afroeurasia. To begin, the POD is 629, Islam is through some...
  14. Eivind

    Sassanid wank POD no earlier than 600 AD

    With a POD no earlier than 600 AD wank the Sassanid Empire and Zarathustrianism as much as possible.
  15. Avrorrange

    DBWI:Justinian went west?

    Justinian the Great was one of the most controversial Roman Emperors.You either love or hate the guy.He spent his entire reign fighting against the Persians to the east,enjoying spectacular success.Large new territories were gained in east where the empire would permanently hold.On the other...
  16. Whiteshore

    No Islam: What happens to Byzantium and Persia

    In a scenario where Islam never existed (let's say Muhammad dies before he founds Islam), what becomes of the Byzantine/Eastern Roman Empire and Sassanian Persia? How do the two empires develop without Islam? What's the "life expectancy" for the Sassanids without Islam arising?
  17. Gukpard

    AHC Eastern Roman "colonization" of Persia.

    I wrote a overly long explanation, but I decided to erase it and put it here: Starting in 602 AD, can the Byzantine empire crush Persia in such a way, that it manages to fully colonize it in the following centuries, resulting on Persia being recognized by it's habitants as core byzantine...
  18. Mental_Wizard

    The Flame Reawoken: The Restoration of Zoroastrian Persia

    "In bygone days, all the lands had submitted to the Shah. It came to pass that Eranshahr went to war with the kingdom of the Romans. At first there was complete and total victory, and then chaos. Both kingdoms ended up devastated. The beneficiary was the Arabs. Coming out of the southern lands...
  19. Avrorrange

    WI/PC:The Sassanids conquer the Roman East during the Crisis of the Third Century?

    Was it possible that the Sassanids could have conquered the Roman East the same way they did (temporarily) in the 7th century by exploiting the civil war?They were able to wipe out Valerian’s army,but were ultimately defeated by Odenathus,but could they have gone further?
  20. GauchoBadger

    AHC: Byzantine Empire falls to the muslims, Sassanid Persia survives

    Self-explanatory title. Basically, reverse the fates of the Byzantine and Sassanid empires during the islamic expansion wars, and possibly have islamic culture be influenced more by the greeks than the persians. Go!