sassanian empire

  1. GoulashComrade

    Rightly Guided: Zaid ibn Haritha and his Rashidun Caliphate
    Threadmarks: The Battle of Mut'ah

    "In Ayannid-era hagiographical works of Seerah and modern academic treatments of the Prophet’s life alike, there is a tendency to relegate the Ghazwah of Mut’ah to a role of utter insignificance. This has mostly been due to fact that the confrontation at Mut’ah didn't result in any lasting...
  2. GauchoBadger

    WI: Valerian defeats Shapur

    IOTL, roman forces clashed with sassanian persian forces at the Battle of Edessa, in 260 AD. The persians ended up winning, and even captured the roman emperor, Valerian, who was held captive by the persian king Shapur until his death. So, what if the battle had a reverse outcome, with Shapur...
  3. Whiteshore

    WI: Arab "Genghis Khan" in the 7th century

    What if instead of Muhammad uniting the Arab tribes under the banner of Islam in the 7th century (let's say Muhammad dies a sickly infant), a Genghis Khan/Temujin-esque figure had united the Arab tribes under his banner and launched a campaign of expansion against the weakened Byzantine and...