1. Did the Persians "forget" about the Achaemenids?

    I am curious as to whether Post-Seleucid Persian civilisation forgot about their Achaemenid forebears. I wonder this due to the lack of clear references pertaining to Cyrus' dynasty dated after the fall of his empire. The Sassanids did not trace their empire back to that of the Achaemenids but...
  2. Sassanid India?

    What if Sassanids conquered india or atleast the gangetic plain before the rise or after the fall of Guptas How would this affect Indian and Iranian history
  3. AHC: Tang restoration of the Sasanian Empire

    Your challenge is to have the Sasanian Empire restored and make sure the Tang dynasty play a major role in bringing it back.
  4. Eivind

    Sassanid wank POD no earlier than 600 AD

    With a POD no earlier than 600 AD wank the Sassanid Empire and Zarathustrianism as much as possible.