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  1. Let There Be Peace in the Great European Plain: A History of Teutons and Slavs in the 19th Century.
    Threadmarks: ACT 1

    “The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.” -Otto von Bismarck. ACT 1: “The White Negroes of Europe”: The History of Persecution of the Polish People, by Piotr S. Wandycz. It would be incredibly hard to pinpoint the moment when Poles became the most undesirable people of...
  2. British Biscuit

    DBWI: No Zaporozhian Cossacks in the American Revolutionary War?

    O.O.C.: Inspired by this post. I.C.: What if Catherine the Great rebuffed King George's request for Russian troops to ait the British in the American Revolutionary War? What if the Zaporozhian Cossacks never arrived in Boston in the 1775-76 period? How would the War go? What might be the...
  3. AHC: Viable Tsar Tank

    Your challenge is to make the infamous Tsar Tank viable as a weapon of war.
  4. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: WW1 with pro Central Powers Serbia/Greece and Pro Entente Bulgaria/Ottoman Empire

    AHC: Devise a scenario for how WW1 begins and unfolds with a pro-German/Austro-Hungarian Serbia and Greece alongside a pro-Entente Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire. What are the preconditions for such a system of alliances to emerge? How would the war play out assuming in the event of an Entente or...
  5. What if there was no Bloody Sunday and no 1905 Revolution?

    (I mean "No Bloody Sunday" in the sense that the demostration doesn't happen at all, not in the sense that the demostrators aren't shot or that their demands are met.) While the revolution of 1905 forced the creation of the Duma and a constitution, both of these were mostly unimportant as the...
  6. Aloha

    Stable/close Russo-Japanese alliance

    (Try to refrain from saying "ASB". Be imaginative) So I remember making a thread about the possibility of a Russo-Japanese alliance before, but I want to make another thread about it without myself sounding like as much of an idiot as I was last time. I've seen quite a few threads looking into...
  7. Ibn naazbu

    WI: Battle of Sarikamish was an Ottoman victory.

    The plan for battle of Sarikamish devised by Enver Pasha while great on paper was too complex by half for the troops to enact. But what if Battle Sarikamish was an Ottoman victory. How would the this effect the Ottoman Empire and the Russian empire. Would it cause an earlier Russian withdrawal...
  8. SunKing105

    WI: Alexander Ulaynov assassinates Alexander III?

    Alexander Ulaynov was a revolutionary and political activist and most prominently the brother of a certain Vladimir Ilyich Ulaynov, and he attempted to kill Alexander III. He joined the Narodna Volya around 1886, and on March 1st, 1887, according to the Julian calendar, three party members were...
  9. Napoleonic Breakway States in Russia

    What if Napoleon had popularity of the minorities in russia,like Whilhem II and Hitler had in both world wars(well,unitl hitler do what he did),and after begining saved by example,a estonian girl, at a battle against russian forces, did take advantage of his popularity to create allied/satellite...
  10. Is there any way to boost the Russian Empire's pre-WW1 population without land expansion?

    So it is well-known on this forum that had Russia not gone communist at the end of WW1, their already-massive population of 183 million (as of 1914) would now be about 400-600 million. However, I'm curious as to how the Russian Empire could have more people (as in, tens of millions more) before...
  11. Aztekk

    A Question About Romanov Succession

    Let's say Grand Duke Michael becomes tsar in a TL when the Soviet uprising is destroyed / never happens. Since his marriage was morganatic, any children he produced wouldn't inherit the throne. Who then, would succeed him? (consider that Nicholas II and his family are killed in the same way as OTL)
  12. The_Persian_Cat

    Alternate buyers of Alaska?

    Hey, all. So as we all know, Alaska was sold to the US by the Russian Empire. It was not viewed as an especially valuable territory, but it was of some strategic importance, and so the Tsar Alexander II sold it to the US in order to make some money after the Crimean War while also denying its...
  13. Count of Crisco

    A History of Alyska to the year 1800.

    Thanks to Covid I have had a lot of free time, and have spent it getting back into writing. Among the various projects I have been working on has been an alternate history setting, the timeline of which will appear here.
  14. Antonio the Komnenoi

    WI: Russian invasion in 1896

    During the crisis of Armenia and Crete in 1896, a group of Armenian separatists invaded the Ottoman Bank in Beyoglu. 36 hours later, a wave of revenge killings happened in Constantinople with lynch mobs killing between 5 and 6 thousand Armenians, all while the Ottoman Hamidiye caused massacres...
  15. pls don't ban me

    Bismarck chooses Russia over Austria in 1878

    While the thread should be technically in the pre-1900 section i though that since it covers mostly the changes after 1900 is should belong to the in post-1900 section. Said that: Hi everyone, i was wondering about the treaty of Santo Stefano and the possibility of Bismarck deciding to support...
  16. pls don't ban me

    Serbo-Bulgarian war 1885, Bulgaria takes Pirot

    As the Title says, is there a way of how Bulgaria could take Pirot from the serbians after the war? I know the Austrian issued an Ultimatum, but is it possible to actually negotiate a peace, maybe with russian support, with the transfer of the province to the Bulgarian state? or is it ASB? If...
  17. WI: Barbarossa in WWI?

    As we all know, Operation Barbarossa was a military plan which resulted in the Germans taking huge portions of the Soviet land to the point that major cities like Leningrad and Moscow were threatened. Of course, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltics and even Northern Caucasus was occupied. But what if the...
  18. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Tsar Alexander II's Son Nicholas Survives?

    Tsar Alexander III and his sons were never meant to rule Russia. The honor was meant to go to Tsesarevich Nicholas, who died of illness in 1865, only in his twenties. But what if he never got sick, and thus lived to ascend Russia? I doubt he would try for Alexander III's restoration of absolute...
  19. Rothbardian21

    Poland's Future in a successful Tsarist Empire

    What would be the outcome for Poland if the Russians had concentrated the bulk of their forces on Germany in 1914 and won the war?? Grand Duke Nikolai's manifesto statement ("unite in an autonomous state under the sceptre of the Russian tsar…free in faith, language and self-rule") seems very...
  20. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC: End Monarchism

    Otl, Monarchy has survived a long ass time in some form or another. Currently the British, German and Russian empires are the strongest nations on earth, each balancing democracy and monarchy in their own way. Though most would say Britain is basically a republic instead of a kingdom. Your...