1. Lafayette_

    How important would German royalty be had Germany won WW1?

    As opposed to the role the British royal family played in shaping the UK’s “brand” and pop culture during the 20th century, to what degree of importance would the Hohenzollerns, Wittelsbachs and even Habsburgs be held had Germany won World War 1? You may consider any scenario other than a “home...
  2. Calcaterra

    AHC: Post-1900 Royal Personal Union Between Two Major Powers

    Just as the tin says, your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to create a long-term personal union between two major royal powers, with your POD occurring on or after 00:00 1 January 1900.
  3. QueenMaud

    Queen Maud of Italy

    In the early 1890s the court of Savoy attempted to marry Victor Emanuel, the Prince of Naples with Princess Maud of Wales. But Queen Margueritta prevented such a union. She wanted her son's fiancée, if she were not Catholic, to convert before marriage. England wanted Maud to convert after the...
  4. QueenMaud

    Alfred King of Greece, King William where?

    According to the Wikipedia page on Alfred, second son of Queen Victoria, the Duke of Edinburgh did not become king of Greece because of the objections of the Queen, who wanted his son as Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha. But in 1862, Victoria had 2 other sons (Arthur and Leopold) who could inherit the...
  5. JonasResende

    Royal Wedding Vows?

    I've found myself wondering about just what royalty promised at the altar. I could get a princess promising "to love and to cherish, forsaking all others, blah-blah", but hardly a king - if someone like Henry VIII, Charles II or Louis XV is anything to go by. The "for richer and poorer" part...
  6. QueenMaud

    Possible weddings for the granddaughters of Queen Victoria

    In her book Born To Rule the writer Julia P. Geraldi tells the story of the 5 granddaughters of Victoria who became Queens - In another scenario as we could have more granddaughters of Queen Victoria becoming Queens or have better matchs? To the Wales sisters I thought Louise and Charles of...
  7. QueenMaud

    Alternative Victorian Era Royal Weddings

  8. QueenMaud

    Alternative Victorian Era Royal Weddings

    HRH Princess Victoria of United Kingdom and HRH Prince Frederick of Prussia Marry in November of 1857 (17 and 26) 1858 HRH Prince Frederick of Prussia (Emperor of Germany, Marry Princess Louise of Wales in 1884) 1859 HRH Princess Charlotte of Prussia (Grand Duchess Alexsey Alexandrovich Romanov...
  9. “Royal” American children

    Family stories are sometimes salacious. Apparently, my husband’s great grandmother is a Hungarian royal bastard. Her mother, my husband’s 3x great grandmother worked for the royal family of Hungary. Supposedly as the hired help (cook or housekeeper) she was required to bed the King. When she...
  10. GauchoBadger

    PC: A lasting Bourbon-Habsburg Alliance

    What's the best PoD out there for both the Habsburg and Bourbon royal houses (and the countries they control) to become allies, with the condition that it lasts past a single major war? Is such an alliance feasible in the long term? Would the 18th century be the most likely context for this...
  11. Formula One and Automotive Industry AH

    What if Formula One went differently? and the UK was a Republic with no Monarchy in the first place, William Windsor becomes an F1 Driver in 2006 and wins championships. Anyways, this includes potential Team Manufacturer owners and all that. 2006: Instead of Honda, Ford, who have recently...