1. WI: Trump runs in 2012 as an Independent

    I heard that Trump considered running in 2012 as an Independent, but as we all know it never happened. But what if he kept his words and actually did join the race? What would've actually happened? Could he have pulled it off in the race? Would he had at least won any state?
  2. Calcaterra

    How Could Mitt Romney Have Won in 2012?

    Just as the tin says. I would like to know ways for Mitt Romney to win the 2012 Election, preferably other than the usual "avoid the 47% comment" or the such. Extra points for a POD within two months of the election.
  3. Calcaterra

    AHC/WI: Romney/Pawlenty Win The 2012 Election

    The tin says it all. With a POD no earlier than May 3rd, 2011, have Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty win the 2012 Presidential Election against President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and describe the Presidency that ensues.
  4. RomneysAltHistory

    What if Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan defeated Hillary in 2016 election?

    Romney's Cabinet (2018) Vice President: Paul Ryan Sec of Defense: Michael Hayden (fmr. intelligence officer) Sec of State: John McCain (U.S. senator) Sec of Treasury: Jon Huntsman (fmr. Utah governor) Attorney General: Sean Reyes (Utah attorney general) Sec of HUD: Mike Crapo (U.S. Senator) Sec...
  5. AHC: Failed Obamacare & no stimulus - guaranteed Romney 2012?

    Hey, first post in a few months. I'm fully aware that there are a million Romney 2012 threads on this board, but I'm curious what a few fresh eyes might have to say about this particular scenario. Let's say the 2009 economic stimulus package fails to pass in Congress (perhaps leading Obama to...
  6. HaroldGodwinson

    President Nixon in the 1980's

    POD: Senator Thomas Kuchel runs for Governor of California and Nixon runs for his old senate seat in 1962. 1962: Former Vice President Richard Nixon runs for his old senate seat and narrowly defeats his Democrat opponent 53-47%, thanks in part to the public perception of him as a senior...
  7. AHC: Mitt Romney & The Republicans Win The 2012 US Election

    Your challenge, should you accept it, is for the 2012 US election to result in a Republican President Mitt Romney, a Republican House and a Republican Senate. At least a PoD after January 20, 2009 for this challenge. What would be needed for Romney to win? Could he win with a PoD in the...
  8. Sasalele

    AHC/WI: Romney elected POTUS in 2012

    How could Mitt Romney realistically win the 2012 Presidential Election and how would his administration play out? Would the 2014 Senate and House elections still be a sweep by Republicans? How would Romney handle Syria and Russia? What would Romney do on healthcare? How much can he get done with...
  9. A Different Path: A History of the Kerry Administration & Beyond