1. What If: Cinna defeats Sulla in the Civil war

    What it says above. What happens if Sulla is comprehensively beaten.
  2. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Dacians defeat the Roman Empire

    The Dacian Wars (80's-100's AD) were one of the many wars, famous or obscure, fought by the romans in their drive for expansion. These in particular were fought against the Dacian tribes of modern-day Romania, led by the king Decebalus. As Domitian's reign followed through, Decebalus amassed a...
  3. LSCatilina

    ΙCΑΡΝΟΝΑΡΙΟΙ - The Lords of Iron
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    ΙCΑΡΝΟΝΑΡΙΟΙ The Lords of Iron - History of the Galatians and the Oikouménē where Hannibal defeated Rome - INTRODUCTION Ancient Gaul was for a long time a terra incognita, something that was barely worth mention except to highlight what Rome, the civilization, was. Strangely, it’s not...
  4. The Forty-Eighth Rōnin

    PC: Greek city-states pulling a Rome

    Are there any one of the Greek city-states which can pull off what Rome did in OTL? And what are the best PODs for it to happen?
  5. Plausibility Check: Could the Frankish Kingdom develop stiff resistance in post-Roman Gaul?

    I made a map about a rebellion of the Romano-Gaulish population and "upper class" against their Frankish rulers, forming a kingdom which claimed to be the heir to Rome. This rebellion would happen sometime in the seventh century. The primary reason why I created this map was too see how the...
  6. WI: Decisive Roman defeat at Dara (530)

    The Battle of Dara was a quite important battle during the Roman-Persian Iberian War, the Roman forces successfully repelled the Persian offensive, gave rise to Belisarius and eventually lead to a stalemate of the war, where Rome agreed on an "Eternal Peace" (that lasted 8 years) with Persia and...
  7. Roman Victory at Edessa?

    Let's say that the plague that struck Emperor Valerian's army never happens. Let's say also, then, that with his legions at full strength, Valerian is able to defeat the Sassanids at Edessa, and drive them back into Persia for the time-being. What does the future of Rome look like with a...
  8. water123

    AHC: Maximum number of Romance languages?

    OTL, there were large areas of the Roman Empire that could have supported Latin settlement, or developed their own Romance languages, but didn't. This includes broad areas like: England Northumbria/South Scotland/Between the Hadriatic and Antionne walls Vasconia Egypt Anatolia The Levant...
  9. GauchoBadger

    WI: Licinius keeps his share of the empire after Cibalae?

    So, i once posted a thread about Roman emperor Licinius managing to defeat and kill Constantine at the Battle of Cibalae (314 AD), causing him to gain control of the whole empire and ultimately emerge victorious from the Civil Wars of the Tetrarchy. But, i'll posit another question for now...
  10. Atamolos

    More Roman TL Ideas/Discussion

    Apparently the Romans are the only part of history I'm interested in writing about. Anyway, I still plan on pursuing the Annals of Aelius TL for 150 more years, but I may start a secondary/minor TL just so I have something else to do and I don't burn out from reading Tacitus and Suetonius over...