1. How much can Romania improve its economy with a POD no earlier than 1925?

    Per wiki "Interwar Romania was one of the least developed countries in Europe, having a per capita income of less than half the one of Czechoslovakia. Despite having mineral resources and a state interventionist policy, Romania was not able to change the agricultural character of its economy...
  2. wasp_

    AHC: Romanian Federal Republic

    The challenge is to make Romanian a federal state* under a parliamentary monarchy** after the Romanian Revolution.
  3. Is A Territorially Intact & Neutral Romania possible during WW2? Or just territorially intact after it?

    Can Romania survive intact after the WW2 and maybe end up neutral or pro-West after the war?
  4. GauchoBadger

    WI: Russian Moldavia?

    I'd like to start a discussion on a scenario, with a PoD anywhere between 1600 and 1848 (arguably the starting mark of Romanian nationalism), in which the Russian Empire manages to annex the region of Moldavia into its domains after conflicts with the Ottoman Empire. All lands shown in the map...
  5. How could a Romanian Empire come into existence?

    Okay, so, this is a pretty simple alternate history post: how could Romania become an empire (colonial or otherwise), and how could this empire last until at least the early-mid 20th century?
  6. GauchoBadger

    WI: A Phanariote state in Moldavia and Wallachia?

    What if Alexander Ypsilantis had somehow managed to defeat the Ottomans during his revolt in the 1820's? Perhaps as result of more support from Russia, alongside more military victories? What would a Phanariote state in Moldavia and Wallachia, after a successful revolt by the Filiki Eteria, look...
  7. Romanian speaking Bulgaria and Thrace

    Could the territory of present day Bulgaria aswell as the region of Thrace, become Romanian speaking sometime post the fall of the Roman Empire? How so?
  8. GauchoBadger

    WI: Serbia and Romania annexed to Austria-Hungary after an alternate WWI

    So, assume that the Central Powers win WWI. How likely would it be for the Austro-Hungarian Empire to annex Serbia (minus Macedonia) and Romania? And perhaps also Montenegro? Did the austro-hungarian leadership consider such actions? For what reason would they do such? To remove outside actors...
  9. thezerech

    What if a Latin based language like Aromanian became the language of the Byzantine Empire?

    So, in most places controlled by the Roman Empire, with sizeable Latinized populations a version of vulgar Latin became one of today's Romance languages, with the exception of Britain and Greece/Byzantium. Why in the Eastern Empire did Greek eventually replace Latin and why didn't the...