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  1. WI; Julius Caesar still betrayed, but survives his assassination?

    What if despite still being ambushed and stabbed by a mob of senators, Caesar clings to life, nursed back to health in seclusion by loyalists? What would the fallout be of a few months of instability as people are unsure of what is going on, rumours spread about his assassination and supposed...
  2. Frederick II of the HRE

    Historiae Romae : The Roman History
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    Historiae Romae ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Roman History By Marcus Fabius Quintilianus Translated by Publius Decius Albinus, on behalf of the Imperial University in Roma The city of Roma, c. 727 Contents Introduction Preface Usage guidelines Thank...
  3. Laskaris vs Palaiologos, of better futures for Rhomania.

    Greetings all, long time lurker first time poster. I've long enjoyed some of the Roman TLs on this site, especially those regarding some of the later PODs such as a longer lived Theodore II Laskaris. Inspired by Issacs's Empire and Age of Miracles (kudos to the authors of those masterworks!)...
  4. Sarthak

    Imperator Germanorum: The Legacy of Arminius
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    Imperator Germanorum: The Legacy of Arminius Prologue “The boy is something else. He will go places, just like his father.” – Flavus, Brother of Arminius I, Liberator of Germania *** Excerpts from ‘The Son of Arminius: Limits of an Empire’ by Andreas Adrikonos. “In order to truly...
  5. Whiteshore

    Claudius dies with Caligula: What happens next?

    Historically, Claudius was proclaimed Emperor after the assassination of Caligula and murder of his wife and daughter, having been found hiding behind a curtain by elements of the Praetorian Guards before being proclaimed Emperor. However, what if Claudius had been killed during the...
  6. Sarthak

    Christians of the North: A Tale of Celtic Christianity
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    Christians of the North: A Tale of Celtic Christianity Prologue: They Are Barbarians *** Little antlered one, little belling one, melodious little bleater, sweet the lowing that you make in the glen. Apple tree, little apple tree, violently everyone shakes you. Rowan, little berried one...
  7. Savage Adolescent Gothic Warriors

    How will the ancient pagan Romans and the ancient pagan Greeks react towards a group of fierce brutal brave warriors in classic Gothic clothing who brutally annihilated every single legion of ancient Roman Empire and all the Greek forces in the Roman Empire. What I mean by Gothic clothing are...
  8. Exotic non-Hellenic teenagers with exotic non-Hellenic recipes in the ancient Roman Empire

    How will ancient pagan people of the ancient Roman Empire such as Roman soldiers, Roman Patricians, Roman Plebeians, native Italic Romans, Gauls, Greeks, Germans, Samnites, Celts, Sabines, Illyrians, Thracians, Nubians, and the Roman emperor react if a non-Hellenic pale caucasoid foreign...
  9. AHC: Gladiator becomes emperor

    While multiple emperors are said to have performed in the arena, there was never a case of a gladiator becoming an emperor. Your challenge is to change that.
  10. Emperor Claudius doesn't adopt Nero

    So i've been studying late Roman history and came across Emperors Nero, infamous for his multiple barbarities, and Claudius, murdered or mysteriously killed in 54 AD, and I was wondering what would happen had he not chosen to adopt Nero.
  11. Ed of the Pueblos Libres

    DBWI: What would have happened if Crispus was executed by his father?

    In 326 AD, Flavius Julius Crispus was about to be executed, because he was tried by order of his father Constantine the Great. What would have happened if instead of being forgiven at the last moment, the future Roman emperor Crispus had been executed?
  12. DBWI: Pompey had abandoned Rome to Julius Caesar

    I've been thinking how republicanism and democratic ideals have burned brightly for millennia, and how of course many of us would die to keep that flame from being extinguished. However, what if the dictatorial and tyrannical rule of kings had restarted, reversing the glorious Roman Revolution...
  13. ImperialxWarlord

    Top ten underrated Roman Emperors I made this list as part of a project for a class of mine, I need 1k views minimum.
  14. GauchoBadger

    WI: Octavian dies young?

    What if the cunning Octavian, later known as Augustus, had succumbed to disease before he could begin exerting influence over Roman politics after his granduncle Caesar died? What would be the short and long term consequences of Rome’s first true emperor becoming a footnote? One immediate...
  15. WI: Caligula doesn't lose his mind

    While Caligula's name has become a byword for insane tyrants, he didn't start out that way. According to ancient sources, the first six months of his rule were good. Then he suffered a severe illness. While he recovered physically, he was never the same mentally. Let us suppose he never...
  16. GameBawesome

    WI: Cesare Borgia becomes Roman Emperor

    Based of this time line and base off this map on Deviantart What if Cesare Borgia never lost support from the Pope...
  17. AHC: Make Caesarion the Roman Emperor

    Caesarion was the last pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt, and likely the son of Julius Caesar. In OTL, he was captured and killed by Augustus. How could Antony and Caesarion win the Final War of the Roman Republic, and what would a more Egyptian-influenced Julio-Claudian dynasty look like?
  18. Atamolos

    AHQ: Solving Institutional Weaknesses of the Roman Empire

    First off, I should admit some bias. As a student of comparative government, I am of the mind that any country, regardless of all the inherent complexities therein, can be governed effectively and survive in the long term provided it has all the necessary institutions (except in the case of...
  19. Atamolos

    Most Overrated and Underrated Roman Emperors?

    There's a general consensus on which Roman emperors were "good" or "bad", but which emperors get too much credit, and which emperors don't get enough? I'll go ahead and get us started. Most Overrated Emperor: Trajan He obviously gets a lot of credit for being at the helm when the Empire...