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  1. AHC: A surviving Roman Republic, Britain, Russia, and China race to colonize the Americas

    Let's say the Roman Republic remains a republic instead of becoming an empire with reforming to ensure long term stability like having a plan of succession of power, leaving land that provides no resources and consolidates its losses to ensure it stays afloat for a while. While Britain, Russia...
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    The Imperial Expanded Universe of Elysium

    THE IMPERIAL EXPANDED UNIVERSE OF ELYSIUM After some long and adored conversations with my friend Traveller, I decided to open this thread dedicated to the community of Elysium fans, they can contribute their "grain of sand" to this universe. The Rules are : · It cannot be later than the most...
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    Elysium..., a Roman America TL
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    Paladin Wulfen Productions presents... Elysium..., to Roman America. A production that will try to last as long as the support it receives. Although this production uses recycled material from a previously made one, it is focused with greater dedication and exploration apart from a greater use...
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    Imperii Romani Americae - An Roman America TL
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    "The great empires are not shy." - Publius (or Gaius) Cornelius Tacitus (ca. 56 AD - ca. 120 AD) In the 1st century of our era. Europe was largely dominated by the most prosperous empire the West had ever seen. The Roman Empire, with a population of 80 million people. It was at that time the...
  5. Imperium Americae - Brainstorming for a Roman America
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    May 13, 400 A.D. Near modern-day Virginia Beach It had been almost two months since he had felt the wonderful solid ground beneath his feet. The journey on the magnificent Roman galleys and dromons had been long and hard; almost 900 people had died of sickness or drowning along the way. A...