1. Cantonese South China

    Let's assume in this timeline Chiang Kai-shek dies at some point during the second Sino-Japanese war and someone else takes his place considering how determined he was to have a fully united China. A stalemate occurs sometime after the civil war resumes whether it'd be because of the US and...
  2. US adopted a 2-China policy

    What exactly forced the US to abide by the 1-China policy? As the Cold War neared its end, the US was the undisputed world superpower and the PRC was still far from even hoping to challenge US in any way. For decades the US has had to play this game of not angering the PRC while still...
  3. Gillan1220

    Why did the United States have a love-hate relationship with the KMT and how could it have been repaired to prevent the rise of the PRC?

    What is says on the tin. What caused this rift between Truman and Chiang? How could the U.S. and the KMT reset relations so that the ROC would not lose control of the mainland?
  4. Doctoryzer

    1911: Was it worth it?

    In 1911, we created a uprising that struck the valleys of our home. By 1912 we set up our provisional government that quickly collapsed to a wicked monarchist set to restore a monarchy in our homelands. Revolutionaries fled and by 1915, we were tired. We armed up against the monarchist and began...
  5. Whiteshore

    AHC: China divided in two after WW2

    With a POD after August 15, 1945, create a scenario where mainland China is divided in two with a Republic of (South) China and a People's Republic of (North) China. Bonus points if you avoid turning North China into a larger version of North Korea in the process.
  6. Could the ROC have ever retaken the mainland?

    With a POD after the end of the Chinese Civil War, would the ROC have ever been able to retake at least some of the mainland and hold it? OTL the ROC developed plans to retake the mainland, but the US actively opposed any such plans. Even during the Korean War and the Taiwan Straits crises of...
  7. KuboCaskett

    AHC: Earlier US-PRC positive relations before the 70's?

    While reading up stuff about the situation in mainland China in 1945 and in 1950, they revealed that the Chinese communists had numerous chances for a stable relationship with the US even as the Cold War was looming yet that window of opportunity was shrinking since the rejection of their offer...
  8. Cold War divided China: Who gets to keep the UN seat?

    At the end of WW2, the Republic of China, alongside the US, the Soviet Union, Great Britain and France were made members of the UN Security Council. The Republic of China War then replaced by its predecessor, the People's Republic of China. But, had the Chinese Civil War ended in a stalemate...
  9. The Professor

    Divided China query

    So, assuming Non expansionist Koreo-Japanese empire, instead of OTL Japanese Empire, as western Ally Stronger Nationalist China in the Axis Butterfly nets as needed outside the East How would China be divided if it lost WW2? And effects on the ensuing Cold War etc.
  10. Whiteshore

    DBWI: Have Taiwan not be a rogue state

    As the "Republic of China" in Taiwan threatens the People's Republic of China with "atomic destruction" once again and the international community talks about Taiwan but does little but impose sanctions and the fight the occasional skirmish with the Taiwanese navy, I wonder what POD would be...
  11. Gukpard

    What if the chinese empire survived?

    The Chinese Empire I'm talking about is the Yuan Shikai one I'm not a expert on chinese history, but what I found on wikipedia about the empire says that "the Hongxian Emperor was opposed by not only the revolutionaries, but far more importantly by his subordinate military commanders, who...
  12. XFE

    WI: Republic of China with a twist

    In the Boxer Rebellion, the Southeastern provinces under various governors had an agreement named the Mutual Protection of Southeast China, in which the various governors were not involved in the War and had almost established a Republic under Li Hongzhang. But what if Li Hongzhang actually...
  13. WI: Nationalist China won the Chinese Civil War in 1949

    Scenario: Nationalist China has eliminated the Communists in 1949 and are in control of China after decades of war. President Chiang Kai-Shek, although authoritarian, implements reforms to transform China into a modern free market economy. Parts of China were already developing rapidly up until...